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After hitting a brick wall in my weight loss journey I knew I had to change my lifestyle to achieve the results I wanted. A gym is somewhere I never thought I would feel comfortable ... until I met Vicki. From day one she listened to what I had to say and had so many inspiring words. She made me feel confident in the gym to go by myself and enjoy working out and also helped me feel more confident in my own skin with her amazing work ethic and blog posts.

I now understand that food can be enjoyed as fuel for my body and no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' . She's helped me smash through a wall and I will be forever grateful x


I instantly knew the first time I met Vicki that she would be the PT that would help me achieve my goals. Her insane work ethic and communication throughout was totally professional. She identified my personal goals that I wanted to achieve and tailored my sessions to these. After each session I always felt refreshed and refocused on my goals. Vicki has enabled me to develop a new and improved outlook on the way I train and what I eat.


Really happy with my results I've seen so far from working with vicki! She's a fab personal trainer

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​"I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. 

I love everything you’re doing including your amazing blog, you’re such an inspiration and motivation to me.

I know I’ve only trained a couple of months with you, but you have taught me so much I cannot ever thank you enough! Any client should feel extremely lucky to have you as their PT and as their friend"


I've been working with Vicki for the last few months, my main reason was to get me to the gym after keep avoiding it and waking up thinking "I can go tomorrow instead" then never going, or going and not really knowing what to do.

A few months later, I have learnt so much about nutrition and exercise which is something I didn't think I needed. But as a package has helped my lifestyle and thought process about what I am eating, when I am eating and exercise.

My form is better (I couldn't even do a squat when we started!), I feel much stronger, and faster, and generally much more confident in myself and no longer getting my in work afternoon lull, along with my terrible balance improving - and I can now go to the gym alone and own it!

I have so much energy and I couldn't have got to this point without Vicki's help and guidance (and telling me to "do one more")

There are still many mornings, when my alarm goes off at 5am ready to get to the gym for our sessions at 6am and I have no motivation, but the second I start my session with Vicki - the motivation comes flying in and I have truly enjoyed every session, and watching myself improve week on week.

Thank you for everything Vicki!

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