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Personal Training

I want to change the narrative when it comes to working out and looking after our bodies. I want to help shift the focus away from the diet culture mentality, looking at taking the power back for ourselves and our bodies. Fitness should enhance our lifestyle not be a cause of punishments. We should move our bodies because we love them not hate them. 

My ethos is all about empowering women to feel fit, strong, happy and healthy within their bodies and themselves. I don't preach a quick fix or a transformation instead I want to give my clients the tools to use on their own. 

No fads, No BS, No extremes just simple guidance, motivation and support all backed up with knowledge, with a focus on helping women feel fitter, healthier, stronger and more body confident.

I offer gym based personal training out of The Gym Altrincham, Broadheath (you need to be a member to use these). I train women exclusively either solo, partner or group sessions. I am also Pre and Post Natal qualified so any mums to be or new mums interested in still training but unsure of how or what you can do I am here to help. 

Drop me an email at info@vickimellardpt.com for more information and discuss moving forward.

Online Training

For those of you who want to work with me but don't live nearby or don't want a 1-2-1 coach I do offer a small amount of online training slots a month. Where you will get:

- A personalised programme gym or home based

 updated each month 
- Weekly check ins over email 
- 30 min Skype check ins every other week 
-Monthly lifestyle & fitness additional information 

straight to you email 
- Access to a private Facebook client group
-Unlimited support from me 

Interested? Drop me an email to discuss it further


I teach at 2 studios in Manchester City Centre. You can book via classpass or directly from the studios.

BLOK, Ducie Street

V1BE, Dale Street


12.15pm Blokflex

7.45pm Blokfit


12pm Blokflex

1.10pm Blokcore

6.40pm Bloksculpt


1pm Bloksculpt

Book Here​


6.15am GA1N Full Body & Core

7.15am SK1LL

1.00pm IGN1TE Express

Book here 

E-Book Body Beautiful

I have created 2 ebooks to work along side each other over the course of 6 weeks. Based on my own experience, my fitness knowledge and my desire to change the narrative with diet culture and how women perceive themselves.

For more info please click here.