Motivation tips to workout at home

Home workouts / movement at home is now the new normal as gyms are closed and we are practising social distancing. But I can relate with the fact it can be harder to motivate yourself to move at home. At least when you signed up for class or had a workout at the gym you had to physically get there. But there are a few things you can do to keep motivated if you are wanting to exercise at home.

1/ Schedule it in, just like you would have done previously get it in the diary. If you are easily distracted then do it as part of your morning routine so it is out of the way. Look at your weekly routine and schedule and see where you can fit in.

2/ Accountability buddy, just because you can't physically see your exercise buddy doesn't mean you still can't be accountable to each other. Send a text let them know what you have planned and vice versa, set up a video chat so you can workout together if you need that little extra push.

3/Plan ahead. Work out exactly what you are wanting to do, write it down so you can follow along. It is a lot harder to make it up on the spot with the limited equipment you may have. Get inventive use what you have around your house to create exercise replicas. They are loads of home friendly workouts popping up over social media so pick a few you like and roll with them for the next couple of weeks.

4/ Speaking of social media, Personal trainers and fitness instructors (myself included) are starting to set up follow along workouts and classes for their follows. This is a great way to motivate you as you are there in real time with the instructor, they won't be able to see you though so its up to you to push yourself.

4/ If you are wanting a little bit more structure and guidance don't forget your PTs. We may not be able to train people in person anymore but with the help of technology we are doing it virtually. If you used to have a PT pre social distancing reach out and see if they are offering anything. Something to think about :)

5/ Set yourself a fitness goal to reach that you have maybe been putting off that you can now focus on. For example wanting to nail a handstand hold or do more yoga or get the splits. Any bodyweight activity or movement you have always looked at in awe you can now work towards.

6/ Finally the way we have to move our bodies have changed which means so must our focus. Take away the stress from movement by making it about weight/strength loss/gain. Instead let's focus on moving to get some activity into a day, moving for mental health, moving to feel good and moving to keep our health up.

There is no pressure to do an intense home workout every day nor is there a need to buy loads of home gym equipment. However trying to keep our activity levels up will be so beneficial to our physical and mental health. Especially now most of us will be a lot more sedentary it will help to keep us mobile :) Workout / Dance / Skip / Yoga / Walk or Run (keeping your distance ) whatever it is don't stop doing it now.

What are you doing to keep yourself active over the coming weeks ???

Vicki xxx






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