Low FODMAP Diaries - Part 2

Updated: Feb 19

I am currently on the 4th week of my low FODMAP diet and I'm not going to lie I am struggling. There is so much information that it has been hard to process and I still don't really know what I can and can't eat. It seems simple on paper but having to go into a restaurant and work out what you can actually eat has proved a tad stressful to say the least - one place the only thing I could eat was a gluten free brownie made with dark chocolate , hardly the healthiest option.

But this has made me realise that the foods we deem as healthy seem to be the ones that are causing me issues and it does make me wonder what my diet will be like on the flip side of this diet. Of course there are a few key things I can eat and I am currently revolving my diet around them but it is very restrictive.

The biggest positive is that my flare ups have definitely calmed down which is great but does mean it is one of the FODMAPS that is the potential trigger, it will be interesting to see what it is. But even if it will be tough I 100% will cut it out as I do not want to be in a constant state of agony as I have been. As you can see below I don't just get a little bloating or a food baby, my stomach fully distends, is rock solid and painful. It can be hard to breathe at times and I feel sick and lethargic. It also doesn't help with regular bowel movements sorry for the TMI but that is one of the effects of IBS/IBD.

So yeh this is why I am doing this as I am fed up of looking pregnant when I am not ...

Even though I am currently having to cut foods out and even some food groups this is because my health needs it, it isn't some crazy new diet and it isn't the in thing to do. I wish I didn't have to be gluten free, I wish I could eat all the pulses and high fibre veggies, I wish for nothing more than a big bowl of veggies with some hummus and avocado ... but I can't ! And you shouldn't just cut out a food group because you think its the healthy thing to do, you should listen to your body and feed it food to nourish and fuel.

I am hoping the next 4 weeks will pass without too much issue but if anyone has any advice or help please feel free to message me as I need all the help I can get

Thanks Vicki xxx

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