Healthy Habits for Life

Updated: Feb 18

One of the biggest things I find with my job when it comes to getting healthier is the amount of people that put too much pressure on themselves to change everything at once. This tends to set them up for failure from the get go which in turns makes them feel like they aren't good enough. Another thing is how people over complicate getting healthier which makes it seem almost impossible to do. When in reality all it takes are some little changes, a bit of hard work at the start and then consistency when it becomes second nature. Here are some ways you can start creating those habits for life.

1/ Don't bite off more than you can chew. My advice to you is to not do this ... instead start small. Don't try and change everything at once it will be too much and will set you up for failure. Focus on small changes every week which will eventually add up to a bigger habit.

2/ Set yourself SMART goals when it comes to fitness. Look at making them specific to you, measurable, attainable and realistic for you and your lifestyle and add a time frame. Then I would advise breaking these down into bite size chunks so that you can work your way up to them. And celebrate the little wins and achievements rather than constantly feeling down because you are not at the big goal yet.

3/ Look at your lifestyle at the moment. Where can you fit in exercise ? How long for ? Once you have worked that out make it fit, rather than trying to fit your lifestyle around fitness fit the fitness into your lifestyle. Add your exercise slots into your diary like you would any other meeting or social event, then it is in there and you have set yourself some accountability.

4/ Have someone to be accountable to. Get yourself a workout buddy, sign up to a class or get a PT. Having that extra motivation of someone else will help you stick with your fitness goals rather than flying solo.

5/ GET IT DONE! If you can workout in the morning before you start work I would advise it, then it has been done and you have the whole day before you. The getting up earlier thing does get easier I promise. When it comes to healthier meal choices prep your breakfast and dinner the night before to take with you so you are less likely to grab and go for convenience.

6/ Remove any guilt and associations around food. No food is good or bad and your day isn't determined on what you have eaten. Instead we have some foods that are more nutritionally beneficial to us. And don't punish yourself through exercise either. If you are struggling with removing diet culture mentality with food I would highly recommend reading Just Eat It by Laura Thomas. For anything more serious nutrition related please get help from a registered nutritionist or dietitian.

7/ Rather than restricting and denying yourself foods think about moderation and portion sizes. There is no need for an all or nothing approach instead let yourself have a little bit of what you fancy within your balanced diet. Food is for enjoyment so make sure that you do. Its all about being mindful of your choices and owning them. Are you actually hungry ? Is it going to benefit your health? Will you enjoy it? Become more aware of how you feel and your body reacts to food, take your time to taste and eat your meals. And own your decisions, remove that food guilt there is no need, you are in control of whatever you eat.

8/ IGNORE ANY DIET ADVICE FROM UNQUALIFIED INFLUENCERS ! You do not need skinny teas, detox pills or jellys and you definitely do not need to cleanse.

9/ Look after your mental health. Make sure you are doing the best for you and looking after yourself.

10/ If something seems overly complicated and seems too good to be true the chances are that it isn't worth your time.

In conclusion rather than going on an intense diet and over exercising think about moving your body everyday in some way, eat a well balanced diet, hydrate plenty, get a decent nights sleep. Look at where you can make little changes for a healthier lifestyle. Get an accountability buddy and set yourself some goals that you will stick to.

Remember it is a lifestyle not a quick fix

Love Vicki xxx

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