Finding Your Routine

Updated: Feb 27

When it comes to working out your fitness routine there are a few things to consider which I will go into more detail below. But there is one thing that is a non negotiable and that is to remember it is YOUR fitness routine. It doesn't matter what your best friend, your partner or your favourite "fitspo" on Instagram is doing, all you need to concentrate on is what YOU are doing.

First things first, what is your goal? Why are you wanting to add fitness into your life? This will determine what you will need to do as well as how you should train. For example if you have a race booked in then you will have to follow a programme based on that. If you are wanting to get stronger then following some kind of strength based programme will be more for you. Your goals might be really specific or more of a lifestyle choice, both equally valid and both will have weight on your training routine. Work out your goals and then work out what you need to do to reach them.

Next you need to look at your lifestyle and work out how can you fit exercise into it. What is achievable for you right now ? There is no point setting an un-achievable target as it's only likely to set you up for failure. Start small and go from there. When you have worked out what is manageable for you then you can start to build.

Look at what type of exercise you enjoy doing or at least enjoy the feeling afterwards. You want to challenge yourself mentally and physically but there should be some kind of enjoyment from it in someway. Your goals will have some bearing over what and how you train but try and find a way to make it fun for yourself. We are more likely to keep going if we enjoy some element of it as it is attainable for us. If it's not the actual exercise it might be the feel of progression or the endorphins afterwards.

So you have your goal, you have a way of fitting it into your lifestyle and you have found the style of exercise and training you want to do. The next step is making sure you are on the right path. Do you need some help to get you started?? I would always recommend booking in with a qualified professional if you have a specific goal in order to get the right direction from the start.

Wanting to get stronger? Book in with a PT to get guidance on correct form and technique when lifting.

Planning on running a race?? Get a decent training programme that is tailored to get you race ready safely.

Go to fitness classes of specific disciplines that may help you on your journey to give you that extra support and motivation.

Make a plan. Work out every week when you can exercise and what sort you will be doing. Just like any other work or social event get your training booked into your diary. If you are going to the gym write down what you are going to do so you have something to follow when you are there.

Check in with yourself. Each month sit down and reflect on how it is all going. Is this routine working for you? Does anything need to change? Keep yourself accountable to yourself and if you need that extra then tell a friend. Let them help you keep yourself going. By having these check ins you have an idea of what is working and what isn't and how you are progressing along the way.

Your routine won't always be the same and there will be moments it slows or stops. That's ok we are all human and life can be like but as long as you know how to get back or change it then you will be alright. Just think about your goals, the style and type of exercise you need and enjoy, how this all fits into your lifestyle and do you need guidance. Then make a plan, schedule weekly and keep yourself accountable as you go.

If you need any help you know where to find me. Drop me an email at or comment below.

You've got this!

Love Vicki xxx

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