An Engagement Shoot, is it worth it ?

Updated: Feb 18

100 %

I would highly recommend anyone getting married to have a pre wedding / engagement shoot, we had ours on Saturday and we had the best time. Once you get over the initial posing in front of people it all becomes easy. And in case you are on the fence about doing one or need convincing here are my personal opinions in why you should :)

Get to know your photographer

Even though we met our photographer David at a wedding show before we booked him I still wanted to have a chance to work with him before the big day. We found that this shoot gave us that opportunity to get to know him and relax with him taking pictures. It was also good from his point of view to work out our best angles, ques that made us laugh and put us at ease and get an idea of what we will be like to work with on our wedding.

Practise makes perfect

For some people (not me ) posing in front of camera when people are around feels awkward and unnatural. Doing a shoot can help you feel more relaxed on your wedding day and help you understand how you stand and where to look - it's not always as simple as look at the camera and smile. It takes away the pressure on your wedding day as you have already had it done.

Memories and Keepsakes

Unless we are at an event Elliot and I don't really have any nice photos together, because drunken selfies don't count. So this created the perfect opportunity to get some for ourselves, for photos around the house and if we chose too we can use them within our wedding. I also liked the fact we will have some pictures from another location to the wedding venue offering a slight different vibe in the pictures.

A fun day out

And if none of the above sway if for you then the fact it is such a fun time should. None of the smiles were forced in our pictures, I was just having the best time. Even Elliot enjoyed himself and having photos taken is not his thing. It is a chance for you both to capture yourself in a really happy time in your life and 9 times out of 10 the candid shot is always better than the posed. A professional will capture them both and then you can choose from many. If you can't spoil yourself around your wedding when can you ???

It might not be for everyone but I love pictures and having memories to look back on in years to come. For us it was an investment we were happy with and I can't wait for what we come up with on the actual day.

Love Vicki xxx

All photo credit goes to David Goodier Photography (C)

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