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Updated: Feb 18

One of the things I notice a lot when it comes to motivation to go to the gym is the lack of a plan. People just don't know what to do and end up sticking to what they know and not really progressing. I share workout videos over on my Instagram @vickimellard but I thought I would share something on here that may be of interest to you. If you need that added guidance, some new ideas or a refresh of the basics this is the post for you.

How to create the workout

Below there will be a selection of exercises with pictures and technique notes that you will pick and choose from to create your workout. There is upper, lower and core movements to choose from and it is up to you how you want to do it. You could create a full lower body focused one or a full body workout or maybe an upper and core - you can probably get at least 3 workouts from them.

So first decide what kind of workout it is going to be.

Then pick 5 exercises that are going to create said workout.

Each exercise you will perform 10-15 reps depending on fitness abilities.

You can either do the 5 exercises as a circuit, 1 after the other with no rest until the end for 3-5 rounds

Goblet Squat x 15

Press Ups x 10

Reverse Lunges x 12 each side

Shoulder Press x 10

Leg Raises x 15

4 rounds with 60 secs rest

OR you can do them as basic sets where one exercise is performed for X amount of reps 3-4 times with a rest after each set.

Goblet Squat 3x15

Press Ups 3x10

Reverse Lunges 3x12 each side

Shoulder Press 3x10

Leg raises 3x15

The exercises

Goblet Squat: Start to sit back and lower your self down keeping the chest tall until your hips drop below the knees (or as far as you can go). Knees always tracking throughout. Drive the weight through the heels to push yourself up squeeze the glutes as you stand.

Reverse Lunges: Step one leg backward do as above. Push off the back front to bring to standing and repeat either alternate or same leg.

Step Ups: Drive through the heel as you step up, squeezing the glutes try not to step the other foot down. Slowly lower yourself down through the driving leg, just tap and repeat.

Single Leg Glute Bridge: You lift on foot off the floor doesn’t need to be high just not touching. Weight through the heel and squeeze your glutes as you reach the bridge position, hold for a second then lower down to tap the floor and repeat.

KB Swings: Hinge motion not a squat. Think about the hips going forward and back rather than the arms needing to lift the kettlebell. Drive through the heels as you activate your glutes and hamstrings for power as your hips come though to straighten the legs. Due to the movement the KB will swing up and then reverse the movement down.

Press Ups: Drop the hips slightly so your body is in one straight line. Lower yourself to the just above the floor feeling the stretch across the chest. Can be done on knees.

DB Bent Over Row: Bum back, back straight and shoulders rolled back, the dumbbells will be on a slight angle from your body. Pull them up squeezing the shoulder blades and elbows in.

Front Raises: Hold arms in front of the body palms facing you. With a slight bend in the arms raise the arms to shoulder height and lower.

DB Shoulder Press: Push the weights up straight above your head. Engage your shoulder blades as you bring the weights back down to the starting position. Don’t over arch the back keep chest in and shoulders down.

DB Floor Press: Hold them at chest level either side of your body. Push them straight upwards until your arms fully extend. Lower the weight slowly back down.

Russian Twists: Lean back so you are in a V shape and twist your torso to the right arms follow. Then maintain the shape as you twist to the other side. To make it harder lift the feet off the floor but keep the knees still.

Crunches: Lay down on the floor feet flat knees up. Place your hands either across your chest, on your thighs or your temples. Engage your lower abs as you lift your head and shoulders off the floor and bring your ribs towards your belly button. It is only a small movement.

Leg Raises: Place your hands under your bum to protect your lower back. Start to lower the legs towards the ground using your lower abdominals. Only take them as low as you can without your back coming off the floor. Then slowly bring them back up. This can also be done with bent legs.

Ready to get workout planning? Let me know how you get on and what you choose :)

Love Vicki xxx

If you feel like you need even more guidance or a little extra motivation I have a 6 week training plan included in my Body Beautiful ebook package find out more here.

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