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Updated: Feb 18

Everyone deserves to feel incredible and confident in what they wear and this extends to what you wear in the gym. To me shopping for active wear is like shopping for regular clothes - I believe in investing in key pieces, looking for quality over quantity and wearing styles that suit my body shape. Now I know I spend more time in active wear than the regular person what with my job being in the fitness industry but I do think that if you want to feel good whilst working out why not enjoy what you are wearing. With that in mind I thought I would share my personal favourites and maybe it will give you some ideas when you next go shopping.

A couple of things to note before we begin: I am a size 10/12 of average height with a small chest which will reflect in my choices.


The majority of my active wear wardrobe is Fabletics I would say. I love the quality in the pieces and find they do what they say the will and yes ladies the leggings are squat proof! They work well in the gym and have a variety of styles for different activities and personal style preference. It also helps that the colours available support my brand colours :)

Favourite pieces

Give me a decent pair of high waisted leggings and I'm sold and this is exactly what I get from here. My go to leggings are the 'High-Waisted Power Hold' I have 3 pairs and intend to get them in every colour ha. They stay up, are squat proof and fit perfectly for the larger bottom but smaller waist lady. I wear a Small Regular.

Price points

Leggings start from £40

Sports Bras start from £26 and cater for low/medium or high impact

Tops start from £26

** You can sign up to by a VIP member which is what I am, which gives you discount on all items, a subscription like service where £44 is credited from your account each month to go towards an outfit however if you don't want anything you have 5 days to skip that month to not pay anything. So if i don't see something or don't need anything that month I just skip it**


Now this is a new start up company creating sustainable, ethical activewear and I am all here for it ! Due to it being a start up there are only a couple of collections so far which once sold out are gone until another restock so my advice would be if you want to know more follow them on Instagram. I was really impressed with the quality of the 2 pieces I bought, originally I bought them to wear as a co-od however I personally didn't like how they looked together on me but separate they are fab !

Zinnia Leggings: I got the medium but could get away with wearing the small I think. They are flattering and seamless so no waistband, thick material which means squat proof for me and a bonus even though they are grey no sweat marks :) The only take away I found was that even though I love a high waist these are a little too high so roll them down slightly.

Zahara Bra: Cute little crop top, not a lot of support so if you have bigger boobs you may want to wear a bra underneath. Thick material so I would wear it more for lifting rather than cardio. I also think it would look paired with some jeans for a daytime outfit ha.

Price Points

Leggings £40

Tops/Sports Bras £20-30


Mainly known as a supplement company this brand do sell decent activewear as well and I tend to get leggings and tops from here when I top up my protein. I personally would recommend sizing up on the leggings here as I tend to find they are smaller to size. Compared to the other brands I am mentioning the quality isn't as good but it still does the job and it is affordable.

Favourite pieces

Their collections are always updating but I would recommend any of the seamless stuff. I find the leggings flattering and as a high waisted lover they offer that and due to being seamless there is no waistband to contend with. Normally you can get a matching sports bra or top if you like to co-od :)

Price points

Leggings start from £15 from the outlet £30 if not

Sports Bras start from £12

Tops start from £12


A luxury active wear brand but if you want to invest in some key pieces this the brand I would recommend ! Their align leggings are great - really good quality, fit and thickness so no see throughness here. When it comes to luxury brands like this the main thing I think about is the cost per wear aspect of them. Sometimes it is worth the investment because you know it will last, it is also good to keep an eye out for sales or maybe ask for a gift card as a gift. I was fortunate enough to win one of their jackets in a luck game at the Manchester store opening and I practically live in it, but as I say it is a luxury brand so the prices do reflect that.

Price Points

Leggings £80+

Tops/Sports Bra £35+

Other recommendations:

I took to Instagram and asked my followers where they buy their activewear and some of the suggestions were H&M, USA Pro, Shadi Activewear and Nike. I would also recommend Alice Liveings collab with Primark as a cheaper alternative that look nice and fit well.

As I stated at the beginning these are my own opinions and choices (this is not paid at all) based off what suits me. But I hope it has given you an insight and maybe some ideas next time you are activewear shopping. Did I miss your fave? Let me know what they are below in the comments so I can check them out.

Love Vicki xxx

Photos taken by Holly Wood (@_hollygoeslightly)

Featured Pieces: Fabletics: Maran Seamless Sports Bra, High-Waisted Solid PowerHold® Leggings

Tala: Zinnia Leggings, Zahara Bra

My Protein: Inspire Seamless Sports Bra, Luxe Seamless Leggings

Lululemon: 7/8 Align Pant, Scuba Hoodie - this isn't mine but its the closest I can find on the website.

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