1 Year On

Updated: Feb 18

1 year a go today I woke up in Portugal thinking it was going to be another day of sun, sea, sand and sangria, little did I know that by 9pm that evening I would be engaged and the happiest I think I have ever been. I honestly can't believe we have been engaged a whole year! It feels like yesterday but also like a lifetime ago as well, very strange feeling indeed. If you want to read about how it all happened I wrote a post about it here (I read it before writing this post and cried, happy tears haha).

I wanted to take this moment and talked about being engaged and how if this is currently you or advice you take on when it happens ENJOY EVERY MOMENT ! It may (and probably will) annoy some people but who cares? It happens once in your lifetime and it is a different feeling to anything else I have experiences so far. Drink the bubbles, keep smiling when you look at the ring, take all the pictures you want of it, celebrate it at every moment because it's your moment. I bloody love being engaged and saying the word fiance and I know I will feel the same once we are married. I love it when people ask how it happened or want to see the ring because it's a time in my life I am blissfully happy so why not.

This past year has been incredible planning the wedding, thinking about how in 8 months I will have married my best friend and we will be planning our lifetime adventure. Part of me doesn't want this little bubble to end and the other part of me wants time to whizz by so it can be here already. What I do know is that I will treasure these moments forever.


I also thought I would give you a little update as its been a few months since the last one. People keep asking how planning is going and I think I surprise people by being so relaxed about it, maybe in a few months it might be a different story but at the moment we are handing out the invites and just get the random bits and bobs we will need for the day and saving. Weddings aren't cheap even if you are budgeting on things you still need to save. So we are just taking these months to put a plan together, work out what and when to buy things and take it as it comes. I think in September things will start to speed up again when we start getting suits, rings and sorting the order of the day with the venue and registrar. We have also booked our pre wedding shoot for October which I am excited about, it's mainly for Elliot to get used to the camera, it will be nice to get some couple shots of us where he isn't pulling a funny face.

Now even though I feel I have been doing not a lot it isn't for want of trying it is more because I have an incredible mum who is sorting most of it out. She is a star and much more creative than me so has tasked herself the jobs of creating table decorations, planning and prepping the things to go around the venue and getting a head start on the flowers - all through choice I want to stress, I didn't force her at all. We are having artificial flowers so we have the benefit of creating the bouquets ourselves and taking our time.

This is the calm before the storm so I am going to enjoy it :)

Love Vicki xxx

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