Getting out of your own head

Updated: Feb 18

I recently posted on Instagram about some negative thoughts that I have been experiencing and it made me think about the amount of times we are probably our own worst enemy. How many times have you put yourself down or had negative thoughts about yourself ? I'm going to hazard a guess and say a fair few, I definitely have in the past and more so now. Which is why I am going to share a few tips, some I use and some I intend on using in the future to get out of this negative funk when it happens. These are personal to me so might not help you but its a start and if you have any of your own please post them in the comments below so others can see.

Go on a walk, literally take yourself away and move your body. Whether you listen to a podcast, music or nothing it's your time to just focus on being outside and away from the negativity you have created. Exercise releases endorphins and walking is exercise so you do the maths :)

Write stuff down, whatever is on your mind write it all down on paper. No need to make it look pretty or even make sense just write the words as they pop into your head. I tend to find the reason I am in such a negative state is because I am constantly overthinking everything. As soon as its out of my head I can see it all on paper and go from there. All the bad thoughts I write out again on another piece of paper and then tear up because I don't need them in my life. And the rest I look at how I can work through and improve.

Speak to someone, I'm sure we all have that family member or friend that we speak to when stuff gets us down. I certainly have a few and sometimes I just need them to listen and other times I need their wise words and common sense. It helps to get someone elses perspective and share your issues, these things never need to be faced alone. And of course you can always seek professional guidance if you want even more help and there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking to a therapist!

Do something that makes you happy. When I am in a negative space I find that doing something for myself that makes me happy helps for example seeing a friend, making my fave meal, having a bath .. the list is endless. It's about finding your version of self care and rolling with it. For those 20/30/60+ minutes the focus in on you and making yourself happy taking yourself away from the negative energy.

Digital Detox This is a massive one for me as a lot of my negative thoughts come from comparing myself to the online world of social media. Social media itself isn't negative but the way we perceive and use it can be and when you feel yourself getting sucked into all of that it's time to delete the apps and spend sometime way. It can be a day, a weekend or a whole week if it's needed because you can't improve yourself and work on your own goals if you are too focused on what the rest of the world is doing.

Meditation Now holding my hands up here and I don't do this but I want to start, give it a go and see if it works for me. But for people it does work for it is about becoming in tune with your mind and body, shutting off from the world and allowing your senses to take over. There are apps such as headspace and calm that lead you through guided meditation about 10 minutes long to start with.

So the next time those negative thoughts make a come back give one or some of these a go and I would love to know if you have any of your own you want to share !

Love Vicki xxx

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