Body Beautiful, it's nearly here !!!

Updated: Feb 18

There is a reason I have been so quiet over here on the old blog and that is because I have been working on something very close to heart and I can't wait for it to be finished and for you be apart it ! I have a feeling some of you may have guessed already what I have been working on but for those of you who haven't ... I'm creating an ebook! Not any old ebook it is a 2 step starter kit to help you realise how beautiful and incredible you and your body are.

" In a world full of diets, body shaming and quite frankly fitness BS I want to offer something different, real and focused on you not physical results.

I am not here to preach a method, a diet or a quick fix transformation. Instead I want to help you start your journey to a happier healthier you.

For the next 6 weeks the focus isn't on a size, it isn't on an aesthetic goal - the focus is on you!

You building a more positive body image

You creating a healthier relationship with yourself

You training to be fitter, healthier and more in tune with what your body can do

You working on your mindset so you see your body for the fabulous thing it is.

I want you to feel empowered, inspired and taking steps to be more confident.

No fake promises, no epic transformations. It is a stepping stone to embrace the woman you are and show the world !"

Split into 2 parts we have the Feel Confident section in which I already use with clients. A workbook to help you with understanding your mindset, your body and your relationship with it all. There are tasks each weeks for you to work through aiming to kick starting that positive relationship with yourself.

The Feel Fabulous section is the training plan to go alongside this, helping you to make fitness fun and an enhancement of your lifestyle not a punishment. I want you to focus on getting fitter and stronger, exercise can help us feel good.

I'm really excited to share this with you when everything is finished and ready to go. For the launch I am also going to running something very special to go alongside it for a special group of ladies so keep your eye out for that as well.

I will be releasing the info first to everyone on my newsletter list so if you want to be one of the first people for a sneak peak and learn of the launch date subscribe here. My newsletter is a biweekly thing where I share fitness, health, lifestyle and female empowerment topics as well as blog and PT updates.

So there we go that's my news ! Stay tuned for more

Love Vicki xxx

Photos by the talented Sean at The Published Image

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