A Sunday well spent

Updated: Feb 18

'A Sunday well spent brings as week of content'

I have never hoped for truer words than this. After a pretty rubbish week with illness, unanswered questions and things just not going to plan a chilled out Sunday was exactly what I needed. This is why Elliot and I got in the car and drove 45 minutes to the Peak District to enjoy some of this Spring sunshine, get outdoors and let that natural Vitamin D do it's work. Due to the fact we are both suffering a bit from a cold and chest infection we didn't want anything too strenuous so we chose to walk Lantern Pike, Hayfield. It was a beautiful walk and it made me wonder why we haven't done it before! To get out in the sunshine and just move our bodies whilst taking in the incredible surroundings the Peak District has to offer. Now we both grew up in the Lake District so I'm a little biased with that particular setting but this came a very close 2nd.

We set off along the Sett Valley Trail before walking around the Birch Vale reservoir taking us on the path up Lantern Pike to the summit. After a quick stop to take in the view, catch our breaths and take some pictures we began our climb down over a couple of fields and through some woods before stopping just outside Little Hayfield for some food. The walk ended with 1/2 mile to Hayfield for drink in a pub garden because isn't that how every walk ends ?!

This part of the country is beautiful and has so much to offer in terms of views, places of interest and walks to do. It is definitely something I want to do more of, exploring more of the place I call home. Not only did we discover a new place it did wonders for my mindset because this week had me in a bit of a funk. For those few hours whilst we were walking it was just us 2 in that moment with no worries or other things to think about apart from getting to the top and seeing whats next. It was just what I needed to switch off and be in the moment as well as moving my body to release those endorphins.

I think there is so much pressure to exercise in a certain way when in reality as long as you are moving your body and challenging it in someway then that is exactly what you are doing. And the best thing about walking is that is free ! Now the question is ... Where to next ?!

I mean just look at the views

Love Vicki xxx

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