Self Acceptance, you can do it

Updated: Feb 18

When asked to describe yourself in 3 words what comes to your head ? Are they about you as a person, how you look or how you act ? Does it come easily to you are do you have to really think about it?

The reason I am asking is because I want to talk to you about self acceptance, being ready to accept your body and yourself as it is right now in this moment. No negatives or hate and no need for declarations of self love either just acceptance. Because when you do this you can then start to understand it and work with it rather than against it. There is so much talk about self love and body confidence around - i should know I always talk about it. But I understand it can take time. We won't love ourselves and our bodies everyday but we can accept them and be proud of that. Only then can you start to think of self love.

I decided when I was thinking of this post I wanted help from my followers, you lot, to help shape it so I took to instagram and asked the question. The responses I got back in return really inspired me and made me smile so firstly thank you! Secondly it got me thinking that change really is happening in the way people perceive themselves which is incredible. I have shared some of the words below (not linked or in order to one person)

"kind, sensitive, determined, complex, passionate, excited, hardworking, bubbly, curious,caring, honest, creative, strong, compassionate, positive, stubborn, thoughtful, loyal"

All of these are about who a person is and what they offer the world. It is their personalities that are what make them a person not their shape or size. These really made me smile as ladies were looking at themselves through a positive light because it is who they are, even words that may be seen as 'flaws' such as perfectionist, annoying and stubborn are used in a way that is accepting of those facts. And this is what made me smile because self acceptance is the first step towards self love.

I then asked: How about when I ask to describe your body in one word ??

Once again the ladies that follow me did not disappoint with these being some of the responses:

"strong, healthy, functional, curvy, journey, powerful, amazing"

​Strong was featured a lot and I love this whether they mean physically or mentally I whole-heartedly agree because our bodies are strong and amazing. They help us everyday to survive and we need to look after them and appreciate them.

Now of course there were some negative responses to these questions and it was these that made me a little sad because I feel as women we have lot around us that makes us question ourselves.

"underachievement, bloated, lumpy, lost, flat, ugly, hating of my body at times"

In a world of diet culture, fake news, fitness BS and the media's depiction of what perfect should be it can be hard to stop comparing. As well as really know ourselves and our bodies before these negative thoughts come in. To this I say be kinder to yourself, look at what makes you happy, what makes you healthy and what do YOU did to do. Then once you have this in place you can create the plan to get the results. Your body is yours and there isn't anything that is going to change that. Instead it is about working on your mindset to create the positive relationship and understanding.

One response that I absolutely loved and feel is perfect to end this post on was this: "home" I mean how incredible is that! And so true our bodies are our homes and like our homes they are a place of love,a place of safety and support. We may want to change things here and there but it never stops being our home and our place to be ourselves. We must be true to ourselves and accept that.

You don't need to feel under pressure to achieve self love but please take away the self hate and think about the self acceptance.

And if you were wondering my answers are:

1/ Supportive, Determined and Happy

2/ Strong or Empowered

Love Vicki xxx

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