I said yes to the dress !

Updated: Feb 18

Well ... yesterday was pretty exciting and just in case you haven't got it yet ;) I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! It's beautiful, I am in love and can't wait to wear it only 368 days to go. I have to say finding my dream dress didn't go how it does in the movies, I didn't try one on burst into tears and say this is the one. In fact the one I have chosen was a slow burner from when I tried it on in November to yesterday trying it again and eventually saying yes to the dress. Trying dresses on has been a fab experience as I've had the opportunity to feel like a princess for a couple of hours and play dress up in some gorgeous dresses even if they weren't for me. Throughout it all I have had the honest (and sometimes brutal ha) opinion of my mum and sister, even if they weren't there in person.

As I have mentioned before I went into finding my dress with a pretty clear picture of what I wanted but it hasn't been easy to find it and the one I have said yes to ... I think people will be surprised my maid of honour surely was but in a good way :). My advice to any brides to be looking for their dream dress: be open to change, find dresses for your body and what makes you feel incredible and enjoy the whole experience. I'm not going to say too much about mine any more instead I will save all of that for next year post wedding when I can go into all the details behind planning this wedding.

However now I have chosen my dress I wanted to talk about the 'wedding dress prep' because it has been a theme when trying them on through no fault of the ladies in the shops but the norm of society. When I was getting measured for my dress the bridal assistant asked me if I was planning on changing my shape/ size before the big day so the dress could be made accordingly. My answer ... absolutely not. Which I think surprised her but also was a positive reaction for her. I get it, I get that women want to feel the best on their wedding day. I don't deny anyone that happiness and the chance to feel incredible in themselves and their body. But for me that is getting a dress that suits my body as it is now, that makes me feel my very best and is made for me. It isn't getting a dress a size or inches smaller for the pressure to lose weight for my wedding day because that isn't a positive place to be in. You don't need to get shredded for your wedding or go on a crash wedding diet instead you take the time to focus on you to feel incredible inside and out.

My wedding prep will consist of me taking the time to practice self care and look after me. So I will be more consistent with my training but not overdoing it, aware and mindful of my eating but not crash dieting, focusing on my health and happiness over a number on the scale. It's about finding a positive balance within yourself so that you ease towards your day ready to marry that most important person in your life feeling like the goddess you are. As always I say if we make little changes towards our lifestyle all year round then there shouldn't be this fear and panic before a big event. Instead you will be a position to know what makes you the healthiest happiest self and do that from that positive mindset.

From the start take away that pressure and that need society has put on us to get smaller. Instead work out what makes you feel good, what makes you feel confident and what makes you happy. It's about making the dress fit you not the other way around - your fiance wants to marry you for who you are now ! Picture yourself on your day surrounded by everyone you love and keep that image in your head because that is your day - not the dress, not the venue, not the cake. Happiness is infectious and that's what people will remember on the day.

On that note let the year countdown to my big day commence !

Love Vicki xxx

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