Time for a catch up

Updated: Feb 18

It has been a while since I have done one of these so I thought it was only time for a catch up of what is going on with me as a person, a business and a brand in 2019.

My brand

You may have noticed over on social media I have removed the pt from my handle making it just my name @vickimellard. This doesn't mean I am no longer a personal trainer in fact that is still very much my job. However I was finding that my instagram especially was becoming more body confidence and lifestyle based and these were the posts people were engaging with more. By removing the PT element it takes away the need for a fitness focused page both for myself and my audience. I still and will always post fitness content because that is my job and there is so much rubbish out there I want to keep you all up to date on real fitness knowledge. But it also means that I will be putting more lifestyle focused pieces and body confidence posts because I still feel as a society women just aren't letting themselves be themselves. I want to be the change in the fitness industry, I want to help women realise their potential and understand it's ok to be who they are. To be empowered, inspired and understood - I have an ethos and I intend to share even if it goes against the grain of the fitness industry & PT's using social media for business. All of this applies to here as well, this blog and website will be changing slightly to represent all I have spoken about.

Plans for 2019:

Rebrand my website and update it accordingly.

Regular content creation and blog posts on the topics of fitness, health, lifestyle, female empowerment and body confidence.

Look into potential collaborations that will help spread this message further.

My business

I am now back in full time personal training and loving it! It feels good to be focusing fully on helping women get stronger, feel more confident and find their balance. Everything I discussed above about my ethos and brand is how I want to grow my business and help all of my clients achieve. There will be no drastic transformations, there will be no quick fixes and there will be no BS thrown at them. Instead we work on creating a positive relationship with exercise, food and ourselves. This year I will continue to PT out of The Gym Altrincham WA14 5FA as well as offering home based PT sessions from Altrincham to Chorlton and the surrounding areas. The reason I have decided to go into home training as well as gym based work is because I know gyms aren't for everyone but exercise is so if I can help with it in anyway I can. I also find that for pre and post natal clients home training is more accessible for them rather than the gym. This year as well I have started up online training for those who aren't based near me but still want to be trained by me.

Another thing I have started doing this year is teaching classes outside of the gym environment to add some variety to what I do and because I love teaching classes. I now teach at V1be fitness studio, Dale Street on a Monday Morning - Full Body and Abs and V-Box, and spin classes on a Wednesday evening at RX gym, Didsbury.

Plans for 2019:

Launch my Body Beautiful Ebook

Keep growing my PT business both 1-2-1 and online

Attend a couple of CPD courses / seminars in the year to further develop and learn.

My life

The focus for me this year is looking after myself, believing in myself and just getting it done. There is a lot I want to achieve this year in all areas of my life but I want to be in the best mindset to do so which means practising self care. For me that is consistency in my fitness, mindfullness around eating, spending time with people but also alone and allowing myself rest (a lot of it). I also have a wedding to plan just in case you missed the fact I am engaged ;)

Plans for 2019:

Be consistent in my fitness and enjoy it

Plan an epic wedding

More rest less stress

More time with loved ones less time behind a screen

And there you go a little update on all things me for 2019 :) Happy New Year !

Love Vicki xxx

*If you are interested in Personal Training with me then please drop me an email and we can chat more about it*

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