Fitness goals for 2019

Updated: Feb 18

This year I kind of lost my mojo for fitness a bit, i don't really know why but I did and whilst I haven't beaten myself up about it, it still isn't great for a PT to not practice what they preach. Which is why I want to set myself some goals fitness wise for 2019 to fall back in love with it again. And also remind myself why I do it and how it makes me feel.

Personally i need some kind of accountability / guidance to keep me going - not a set plan as such but something or someone to check in with. This plan will change over the year as my likes and needs to but that is a non negotiable next year to always have some sort of guidance around my exercise. I also find it helps me develop and learn as a trainer as I get insight and knowledge from another qualified professional. Even coaches need coaching as we don't know everything and it is easier for someone else to be objective.

There are no aesthetic goals really for me this year as I personally don't find that a motivation rather a restriction. I am proud and happy with my body and I know when I feel strong and fit that is when it shows physically as well due to confidence. There will be no wedding training or diet (blog post coming soon) instead I want to work on building my strength.

But I also want to add some kind of variety to my training schedule because I get bored easily , it needs to be fun and challenging. So alongside the strength training I want to add in a couple of other styles that all compliment each other but make it fun for me. Enjoyment is my number one must for next year.

With that here are my 4 fitness goals for 2019

1/ Get an unassisted chin up in the bag.

2/ Reach the 100kg club for my Deadlift and 200kg club for my Hip Thrust ! Serious training and consistency is needed for these.

3/ Find a sassy heels dance class I can join as after Stephs Stay Sassy event a month a go it's a must! So if you know of any please let me know.

4/ Sign up to a challenge. This year was the 1st year in which I didn't do some kind of race / challenge and 2019 I would like this change. I'm thinking Tough Mudder or something similar but we shall see.

What are yours???

Love Vicki xxx

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