Take a Break

Updated: Feb 18

Last week I took a mini break and properly switched off from work and all the things I have going on to take some time for me, which was very much needed indeed. We live in a society where being busy is seen as the norm, being stressed, tried and worn out from your work is ok because you are 'hustling'. I get that hard work is needed to reach your goals and dreams and that some stress is a motivator however when your health starts to become affected this is not ok. A sign of success isn't about how long your days are, how busy you are or how much you are doing - it's about the quality of the service you are offering. Which won't be the best it can be if you don't look after yourself.

What with social media and emails linked to our phones we are always on, always contactable and this can make it hard to switch off. There is also the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) that if we switch off for just a second we will miss the world go by, when in reality it doesn't matter. It is healthy to have time off, it is healthy to have digital detoxes and it is healthy to switch off. We used to do it before the boom of instant everything so we can do it now. I have found that regularly scheduling mini digital detoxes and time away from work makes me more productive in my business and helps create focus in what I want to achieve. It also allows me to present in the moment and enjoy what is happening there and then rather than worrying about what is happening in the future. As well making sure that you have regular time off and time for yourself because you are not a superhero as much as you want to be. Your body and mind need to recharge so that you can be at the most optimum you can be for life and work.

Stress can be a good thing, it can steer us on and motivate us but only if it is from a positive place and you know that the outcome is going to be worth it. There is a need for us to be busy at times and this can be overwhelming which is why scheduling in time out/off will benefit you in more ways than one.

Don't be too hard on yourself take time when it is needed.

Look after yourself with self care rituals and me time.

Live in the moment away from the screen to get back to what is real to you.

Spend time away from work to reconnect with yourself and remember why you do what you do.

Work is great but living life is even better so make sure to do it!

When was the last time you took some time for you ???

Love Vicki xxx

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