This is my Wedding Plan

Updated: Feb 18

We get married in 468 days (can you tell I'm excited ?) which yes is a way off yet but I just can't help myself I am loving planning. It is my me time, my chill out and switch off from the real world time. We have sorted out the guestlist (FINALLY) and are in the process of handing out the save the dates making it all official now ahhhhh. My pinterest board is getting bigger and bigger as I keep finding new inspiration and ideas for our day.

For me getting married has always been a thing, as I said in my first wedding post I never had a plan of it but I have always wanted it. Which is why I think I am starting the planning process now because I really want it to be our best day, no one elses, ours. I am putting so much thought into everything, working out the what, whys and hows. The more I plan the more I can see how it is going to be and all work together, there are certain things I know I won't have a hand in like decorating because I'm not creative like that. But it will be my ideas just exited by better people aka my mum and sister. The big thing for me is the feeling of togetherness on the day which is the reason for a lot of things happening on the big day (all to be revealed) and will make it even more personal to us. It is a big life event for me, I know it isn't for everyone and that's totally ok but for me it is up pretty high on my list. I mean I think everyone who knows me will know this haha.

Trying on wedding dresses is honestly my new favourite thing, I have yet to find the one but oh its so bloody exciting and fun. The other week I was feeling down so I asked my girls to come dress shopping with me and it cheered me right up. I feel we are getting closer to the one but I haven't found it yet. I honestly don't know if I will have that feeling, I think it might be a slow burner but who knows . What I do know is that I need to try on loads more to find it ;) However if they could stop making them all so expensive that will be nice, I'm all for finding a gorgeous dress but some of the price tags are ridiculous in my opinion.

Do you know what I am finding whilst planning is that there seems to be all these things you need to have or do. Which I will be honest did stress me out when I started, but now the main thing is thinking about what we need there what we want there and how will it make our day special. And thats it! End of.

So there we have it another monthly update on how the wedding of Smiths (yes I am going to have one of the most generic names ever) is coming along. Next on the list is going to The National Wedding Show on Saturday with my mum, sister and maid of honour Pam which is going be a fun day out (and all the freebies)

Love Vicki xxx

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