The Reality of being a PT

Updated: Feb 18

Being a Personal Trainer is becoming a lot more popular these days especially with the rise of the fitness influencer. Some people do it as a side hustle, some to just learn more and others it becomes a full time job. There are alot of incredible PTs out there but there are also ALOT of bad ones because in all honesty it isn't that hard to become one. It's what happens after that makes all the difference.

I am telling you now if you are wanting to become a PT because you like working out and you want to do that all day DON'T. Because that right there isn't going to shape your career path and believe me your workout time becomes a lot more precious, a lot more condensed and pushed back to the back of your mind. And when you train clients you ARE NOT training yourself even if you jump in on some sets with them your focus is them and them only. They are paying you for your time, knowledge and expertise so give it to them.

Being a PT means working all the unsociable hours because that is when your clients need you to train them, it's the early mornings late evenings and weekends, especially when you start out. It's the extra hours behind the scenes no one sees of making programmes, planning sessions, creating extra content and bringing value to your brand. You leave the comfort of a monthly salary if you self employed and if you get employed you work on a commission.

This is the reality of being a personal trainer, it is hard work and you need to have a passion for helping others succeed in order for your business to succeed. As well as a drive to keep improving and learning more. One of things I see a lot is people getting their Level 3 certificate and that's it no more development. Instead be prepared to invest in yourself and your business with courses, new qualifications and self development. The fitness industry is constantly changing, new studies come out all the time and it's up to you as the fitness professional to change alongside it.

A massive thing I have come to realise along my own career journey is that even though clients are investing in you to help them with their goals they are also investing you as a person. You need to put the personal in personal trainer because chances are you will be 80% fitness trainer and 20% someone to talk to. I give every one of my clients my undivided attention in that one hour we have together and I take the time outside of that to keep that relationship going.

And it is these relationships that make all the hard stuff all worthwhile in my opinion. I get to meet an array of incredible women and help them realise their true potential. It's amazing to see them transform on this journey with you as they get closer to their goal. As you all know my main focus is helping women feel incredible within themselves and learn to love their body and it makes my day when this becomes a reality. I bloody love my job and even with the long hours, non stability and that self employed life I wouldn't change it for the world. It really is my dream job and I will keep going until my big dream outcome is achieved from it.

I hope this helped give a bit more insight into what goes on with personal training. It isn't just a glorified gym session where you show up do it and go home (well it shouldn't be anyway) there is a little bit more going on behind the scenes. If this is something you want to do make sure you properly think about it all and make sure to constantly learn, develop and strive for more. Have the passion for helping people and be willing to adapt and change where you need to :)

Love Vicki xxx

Photo credit: Ian (Firographybyian)

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