The Importance of Diet

Updated: Feb 18

Do you take care about what you put in your body ? Are you mindful with your food choices ?

This isn't a post about a specific diet plan or to tell you that diet needs to be on point for any physical change. Instead I am wanting to look at how what we put into our bodies can affect us and how important it is to be aware of this. Food plays such a vital role in our lifestyles; it fuels us, it nourishes us, can make us function and feel better but it can also make us feel sluggish, not very well and have negative reactions. And it is this that you need to be aware of first and foremost when it comes to diet.

Rather than seeing food as numbers such as calories and macros focus on the nutrients. Are you getting a wide variety of them in your diet, the term eat the rainbow is spot on because we get different nutrients from different foods. I always tell my clients to think about what foods will benefit their health, making them feel better and this is what makes up 80-90% of their diet. Then the foods we love but might not offer us much nutritional benefit, sweets I'm looking at you, make up around 10-20% because we look at moderation not deprivation. If you are on a weight loss goal still follow this rule but also look at your portion sizes as well as being aware of what and when you are eating.

Be mindful when you are eating. So many people are in a rush these days we eat breakfast on the go, lunch at our desks and then dinner tends to be on our laps whilst watching telly or scrolling on our phones. Sound familiar ?? We don't take the time to notice what we are eating or listening to if we are full or not which can cause under/over eating. Making sure that you are in the moment when you are eating will help this problem because you become more in tune to your body. You actually get to enjoy and savour the food as it should be experienced. And the chances of you feeling full and content will increase because you have given your body time to process it.

Gut health is really important and something that isn't talked about as much as it should be. I would highly recommend reading GUT by if you want to learn more about it. We all should focus on having a healthy digestive system and being aware of what we put in our bodies will help with that and noticing what isn't good for it. It's no secret that I suffer from IBS and have had my fair share of horrendous flare ups and bloating episodes. Which is why when I was asked to review this product I thought it would be a good one to test to see if it was a help with good digestive health.

' A little bottle of digestive care with big results' quite a claim ... did it match ??

I took the course for 10 days after a couple of small flare ups and in all honesty it did help. During that time I noticed a reduction in my bloating and no flare ups happened, the main factor being that it regulated bowel movements (sorry if tmi but its a gut health product) which for someone with IBS is a major thing. The bottles say that they help improve your gut health with their ingredients: I'm not gut health specialist so can't say if that's true but from personal experience it did work for me. Now they do taste horrid BUT its only one shot so my advice is down it then have some water, it's what I did ha. At £29.99 for a course of 10 bottles it isn't the cheapest but you only do it for the 10 days, it's not an everyday product. I would recommend it for anyone who is feeling a bit bloated or sluggish to hopefully help bring it back to normal. However if you have more aggressive symptoms and flare ups then please go and seek help from a medical professional to find out what the root cause of your issue is. For more information please read up on it here.

And to follow on from this please don't just cut out a food group because it is the latest trend only do so under guidance if you have an intolerance/ allergy. If you do have certain dietary requirements make sure you are aware of what supplements you may need to take for optimum health. B12 if you don't eat meat or Calcium if you don't have dairy for example. Supplements are just that, a supplementation of your diet NOT a replacement for food again if this is something you are unsure about please speak to a qualified professional.

Eat for your health and not for a fad. Eat for your physical health and also for your mental health. Our diets should benefit our bodies and also make us feel good based on what food we eat. And food is also a social thing something to be enjoyed with family and friends so make sure to have some of that in your lifestyle as well. Finally make your diet fit your lifestyle not someone elses!!

Love Vicki xx

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