The Countdown is on !

Updated: Feb 18

We finally have a date and a venue for our wedding and I AM SO EXCITED !!!! I mean we have a bit of time to go but as miss super organised it gives me plenty of time to get stuff done. We also didn't want to stress plan anything so hopefully the extra time will help. I thought I wanted an Autumnal Barn Style wedding but instead we have a Winter Country House wedding but you know what I am totally ok with that as it fits us. This is what I have found most with wedding planning - what I thought I would want is not what I have ended up picking how funny is that ?!

So one thing I will say as a piece of advice for new brides to be, be open with your planning as you never know what is around the corner. And the other piece is to not get hung up on all the things out of your control and instead focus on what you want to make your day special and yours !

One of the main reasons I wanted to get the venue and date pinned down was so all the fun stuff could start like dress shopping! Which was so much fun, I felt like a princess for the morning and tried on ALL of the styles because believe me there are so many !!! Again this was another thing that really doesn't need to be bought yet but it's good to get an idea of style, price ranges etc. It's also really fun so I will be doing a fair few more of these with my nearest and dearest, hoping to find 'the one'

It also gives us a timeline to work with for the budgeting because this wedding is going to be self funded therefore a proper budget and saving plan is being put in place. This scares me a bit because I know how expensive weddings can become however I think this means we will be getting more creative with the decor, invites, flowers etc. And in turn the day will be all ours and something we can look back on pride ... if we don't suck at creative projects that is ha.

Now the next things on my list to do are:

The guestlist: not going to lie this is something I have been dreading a bit due to the fact I want to invite everyone but sadly can't and when did family politics become a thing??

Save the Dates and Invitations: with the help of my very talented friend Jasmine we will be creating these ourselves so fingers crossed.

What was your favourite part of planning your wedding ???

Love Vicki xxx

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