Let's Begin Wedding Planning

Updated: Feb 18

I have never been the girl that has planned her dream wedding, I've always seen myself married but never planned the day. Even after I decided Elliot was the one and I wanted to marry him I had a pinterest board of engagement rings and I just saw us married not the day. Which makes it easier because I have no expectations but also so unsure of what I want causing me to start the old comparisons. I'm trying not to and trying to focus on it being my day but I can't help but think people might judge me or not get it. I just have to keep remembering that at the end of the day I am marrying my best friend and that is all that matters.

I am by no means a wedding blogger so this won't really be a how to on how to plan a wedding. However I am a blogger so I wanted to keep a little diary about my own wedding planning, something to look back on and maybe help one of you later on. There isn't a specific plan behind it just sharing certain things I have come across, any tips I may pick up along the way or funny stories.

The Planner

Now I like to be organised so the first thing I did after we had told our family and friends about the engagement was download a wedding planning app. The one I am using is called Bridebook there might be others out there but this was the first one that came up. I still don't really know if I'm using it right but it is a place to look for venues, suppliers, make a guest list and gives a checklist based on your date. For me it is just nice to have something to loosely follow and research. However I am also quite old school so I really wanted a proper written wedding planner and luckily for me my client got me a gorgeous one for my birthday so now I am using both.

The Venue An important thing for both myself and Elliot is the fact our wedding will happen in the Lakes as we are both from there & both our families live there. Oh my goodness I did not know how much there is to search when it comes to venues and to be honest it is blowing my mind. Also why does it all need to be so expensive, I know that a lot goes into weddings but some of the things I have seen is ridiculous for what it is. With this in mind we have a few viewings set up for a variety of places just to see what is out there. Then from there we can work out exactly what is going to work for us. Which goes for the date as well.

The Bridal Party

I have known for about a year now who I wanted my bridal party to be and I have always wanted them to play a big part in my wedding. Which is why I went against all the checklists and asked them on my birthday weekend to be a part of it for me. We have no venue, no date and not really a clue but I have the 4 best girls as part of my bride tribe to help me figure it all out. I made them all a little card with a personal note on the back with some treats to go alongside and I wanted to give it to them in person. Which is why my birthday was perfect as they wouldn't (and didn't) expect it, luckily they all said yes.

Planning a wedding isn't easy but they do say it is fun so I'm hoping once we know the venue and date the rest will all fall into place :)

Love Vicki xxx

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