Lagos, the place I will never forget

Updated: Feb 18

Lagos, Portugal a place of beauty and a place that will always hold a massive place in my heart, I will always remember it. It is situated in the Algave region of Portugal and we stayed just up from Meia Praia beach and a short walk to the marina. Now trust us to go when England gets a heatwave so you actually had better weather than we did. However I did get a pool on my doorstep, a beach 5 minutes away and a week of no work or responsibility so I'll take that any day. I am no travel blogger and this isn't a travel post I just wanted to set the scene for what the post is actually about. Something I want to immortalise in words so even though I can never forget it, I have something to look back on as well.

26/06/2018 : 8 numbers that will forever be imprinted in my brain and never forgotten because I only went and got engaged !!! Something that I have dreamed of for the past 2 years when I decided that Elliot was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We have been together for 7 years on Sat 7th July so I'm not going to lie and say marriage wasn't on the cards because it was. We had spoken about it, and rings and proposals and I had a feeling it was going to happen this year. BUT not for one minute did I think it would be on holiday because he isn't like that so it took me massively by surprise.

Well this cheeky bugger has been planning it since April but due to certain things happening didn't actually have the ring until June all the while I'm completely unaware. So here it is my proposal story - and it's very us.

We set off for a walk before dinner which isn't unusual we normally do on holiday to explore the area but I was thinking along the way to dinner so I put my wedges on. Which threw up obstacle one to his plan because he wanted to climb a hill to see what was at the top because " it will make for a nice picture " . It did not there was nothing nice there apart from spiky plants and rubble ha so back down we went and off to the beach instead.

Now the perk of being an 'instahusband' it was very easy to keep me distracted under the pretence we were looking for a good picture spot for a sunset picture. But it seemed the prime time for couples walking along the beach and one very drunk guy who was hilarious so we carried on walking until the end of the beach.

The aim was to get to the green lighthouse as the view of the sea would be amazing to catch as the sun went down. It was beautiful and I was all for it ... apart from the footwear situation. As wedges were a no I was barefoot which was fine until the rocks got sharper and I saw a few spiders scuttling across so I moaned and we stopped just on the bend. Just the 2 of us listening to the waves and admiring the view ... of a boat coming through and a man across the way having a wee ! Bless Elliot at this point I can only imagine how annoying that was so we waited so it was clear for a picture.

And it was at this point I was getting ready to take a picture when he got down on one knee and started the proposal. In shock and through tears I look down to see him holding a fluffy tacky Primark ring which made me laugh, cry and say yes. For him to then get out the gorgeous ring I now wear on my left ring finger. I don't think I ever can or will be able to say how happy and emotional I was in that moment, it truly was the best moment of my life.

The only 2 things I have ever wanted in a proposal is that in that moment it is just us and no crowds and that it doesn't need to be a big thing. (oh and to have my nails done ... because you know photos ;) ) And this was exactly what it was, it might not have been to his plan but it was perfect to me and I couldn't have wished for better.

I'M ENGAGED and so happy to be able to marry my best friend, my lobster, my forever.

Let's get planning a wedding


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