How can I get rid of this bit here ??

Updated: Feb 18

What exercise can I do to get rid of my stomach pouch? I want to focus on my bingo wings how can I do that ? I hate this boob fat bit how can I get rid of it? What will help me lose my back fat? Why is it taking so long for me to lose this last bit??

Any of these sound familar ??

As a society we seem to hate stubborn body fat and need to get rid of it, it is what we hate about our bodies and all that seems to drive us. I hear these sorts of questions alot and I'm sure my clients would agree because that is what they asked. So this post is inspired by some of the chats I have had with my ladies because I think it needs to be discussed. I also want to apoligise with the fact the title is a little bit clickbait because I don't have a magical answer for you and I also don't think I need to.

Firstly it is called stubborn for a reason, it tends to be the place on your body you first gain body fat which makes it the last place to go (normally). We all hold fat in different areas of our bodies no person is the same and it can be for a variety of reasons and I'm not saying it wont ever go but it will take time. Genetics will play a part in it as well so have that in the back of your mind, it may just be that the particular area you hold fat is the area that members of your family do as well. You also can't spot reduce where you lose your body fat from. No matter what anyone says doing crunches wont automatically get you a six pack and the adductor machine at the gym wont slim down your thighs. Instead you can work on building the muscles in that area whilst looking at an overall body fat loss which will in turn reveal the muscle definition you have been building. And to do this its all about having a negative calorie balance e.g being in a calorie deficit through diet and exercise. But also remember we are meant to have body fat it helps our body function and protects certain organs and yes women we will always have more, it's just how it is. It isn't always a bad thing we just seem to think of it as that.

Secondly have a look at your lifestyle overall are you getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, are you stressed ?? All these things contribute it's not just that hour in the gym and what you eat. Make sure that you are looking after yourself in all aspects of your life. Aim for 6-8 hours a night of unbroken sleep, Drink 2-3L of water a day, move as much as you can throughout the day, focus on nutritious foods and have some me time to relax and chill. Your time you exercise are you actually pushing yourself or just going through the motions ? I'm not saying you need to go to the max but whatever you are doing give it your best.

PLEASE REMEMBER that social media is a highlight real of people best bits. The ladies you are following all over social media who seem like this is't a problem could be one or all of the next list : showing flattering pictures and angles, have worked for that body probably in ways that aren't doable for you (even if you follow a guide by them doesn't mean you will become them), have certain gentics or body shape that makes it easier. And don't forget might not be telling you the truth.

Which is why I want you to think about who you follow and why because if they make you feel crap every time you open your phone is it really worth it ?

Then before you start podding and poking the parts of your body you don't like I want you to ask yourself why you want to lose the body fat ? Are you putting all your self worth on what size, weight or body fat percentage you are ?? Because in reality you want to be focusing on taking care of your body from the inside out to be happier and healthier, by feeling good you are more likely to confident and comfortable in your body. Look at what are wanting to achieve in the long term and what you are willing to give up. As most people just want to feel fitter, stronger, healthier and happier in themselves and this doesn't come from restrictive dieting and a load of exercise, no it comes from looking after yourself.

It is absolutely fine to want to look a certain way and have an aesthetic goal I would lying if I said i didn't but it doesn't rule me and it shouldn't rule you. When you work out your reason why to exercise you are probably going to have a look you are wanting but make sure it is one that is for you and not based on societies ideals. It's all about health which includes physical and mental health, that is your number one priority which for me and my clients is about feeling fit, feeling healthy, looking after and nourishing our bodies and feeling confident in ourselves.

You need to spend time actually accepting your body for what it is now and understanding it. Then it's all about taking care of it, being the best version of yourself and the rest will follow. Also a big thing I will say is fall in love with the process, accepting and loving your body along the way because who knows maybe that stubborn bit of body fat won't seem such a terrible thing after all :)

Love Vicki xxx

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