Know your worth

Updated: Feb 18

We all know the L'oreal slogan 'Because You're Worth It' followed by the sassy hair flick. And while this is not a post about L'oreal it is a post about being worth it and knowing your own worth.

A lot of women (myself included) doubt themselves everyday about whether what they are doing is right, are they doing worthy of the praise. Trying to find ways to disregard compliments and find other things that need to be done. AND I'm here to say STOP.

STOP thinking you are not worth it

STOP thinking everything you do is wrong

STOP belittling yourself and feeling rubbish

STOP looking in the mirror and hating the woman looking back at you

There is so much value in what you give whether that is your work, your family or yourself. Be proud of this and your achievements rather than trying to find negatives in situations.

Have a little bit more focus on where you are right now and how you got there, we always try to chase this idea of perfection but never look at where we are right now. Having a goal is great I think its something we all need, however I also think that we should allow time to praise ourselves on where we are at this current moment in time.

Look at all you have done in this past year alone, how far you have come and write it all down. Write the good and also the times it didn't quite go to plan as this will help you grow. Write down all the people in the world you care about and care about you, look at the times you both expressed pride in each other and write that down.

Goals you've reached - celebrate them!

People you have influenced - recognise that!

Proud body moments - shout that from the rooftop

Fitness achievements - keep going with them

Now look at all that amazing worth right there !

You are not defined by a number, a dress size or societies definition of what is right instead it is your personality, your love, your achievements and you as a person that we all remember.

YOU ARE WORTH IT, you just have to believe in yourself so you see it :)

I'm cheering for you

Love Vicki xxx

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