Glute Building 101

Updated: Feb 18

So you want to build your glutes ?? Well I'm sorry to say now that there is only so much a resistance band and body weight can do. Don't get me wrong these are great tools but them alone won't put on the size and lift. If you don't want that then go ahead with what you a re doing and read no further. For the rest of you I gather you are reading this because you want to know, find out it all below.

Weight: As with any muscle that you want to build you need to make it work and for that you need to put some weight behind it. Don't be afraid to lift heavy - you won't get bulky but it will help that muscle group grow aka bigger bum here we come. Any glute focused programme should contain these exercises: Hip Thrusts and Glute Bridges with a Barbell as well as some Hamstring focused ones such as Romanian Dead lifts, Good Mornings and Sumo Squats. Then later on you would get to your accessory work both double and single leg - frog pumps, abduction, kickbacks and bridges.

And when it comes to training you want to be looking at twice if not 3 times a week for example: 1 full leg session, 1 full body session with glute exercises and 1 glute focused session.

Fuel: Muscles won't grow unless you feed them that is final which means in order to build your glutes you need to make sure you are eating enough food. Being on a diet isn't going to help them grow, instead think about getting plenty of good quality protein and wholesome carbs into your diet. Please don't be scared to eat when training hard, your body needs it.

Time: Nothing comes quickly and lasts ... remember these things take time. So please be patient and keep going with it because I promise you it will happen. What you want to be doing is steadily progressing with your weights increasing them as and when you can. Making sure every 6 weeks or so you switch up your programme and add in new exercises / reps / sets / combinations as not to plateau.

Activation: As a society we spend a lot of time sat down not really moving meaning our glutes tend to go to sleep. Before any workout (and even at home) take yourself through a little actiavtion circuit to wake those bad boys up. This is also make sure it is the glutes you are using for the exercises and not your lower back or quads.

Here is an example of one I do and where resistance bands come in handy:

Banded Glute Bridges with Abduction

Single Leg Bridge

Banded Donkey and Hydrant Kicks

Banded Crab Walks Good Mornings

15-20 reps of each 2 times through

Gain: You will see your thighs grow, it is inevitable and that's perfectly normal and perfectly ok. It is the human anatomy and unless you get butt implants there is no way around it, as your glutes grow so will your hamstrings as you will also be loading and working them. So please don't fret or worry or think that you are doing something wrong instead embrace the growth and the journey.

I hope this helps and as an added bonus here is a lovely glute focused session just for you all to try :) any questions about the exercises let me know and if you are unsure please ask a PT in your gym to show you.

Warm up


A1/ BB Glute Bridge x 8

A2/ Single Leg Pulses x 12


B1/ Good Mornings x 15

B2/ Sissy Squats x 15


C1/ Cable Pull Throughs x12

C2/ Cable Kick Backs x 10 each side

C3/ Frog Pumps x 20


D1/ Abductions x 20

D2/ Plate Side Hip Raise x 10 each side


Happy Booty Building

Love Vicki xxx

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