Summer Body??

Updated: Feb 18

Or just a body with a bikini on ??

Why is there always this hype and expectation to have a summer body or look good for summer ? What is wrong with wanting to feel good all year round??

Body confidence and being comfortable and happy in your body isn't just a physical thing of eating healthy and exercising it is a mindset and becoming friends with your body. And this is something we should all feel all year round so that as our bodies change we still feel good. I understand that as the weather gets warmer and we can't hide under all the layers that you may want to focus a little bit more on looking after yourself and that's perfectly fine I know I do. But because I am in the healthy mindset I can do so without hating my body in the process.

This is why I created my Feel Confident book because I want to help you ladies start your journey to build a healthier mindset, body confidence and the ability to take control of the situation. I understand that it isn't easy and it doesn't help that there is so much rubbish out there around this time of year. If anyone saw my social yesterday you will have seen my outrage at another piece of crap in the diet world and it just brought to light how far companies are willing to go to make money off insecurities.

You don't need detox teas, meal replacement shakes, juices, skinny coffee, appetite suppressant bloody lollipops. Instead you want to educate yourself on healthier food alternatives and exercise regimes that will work for you. Become in tune with what your body wants and needs. Begin to work on a positive relationship with your body so that you fall back in love with yourself... Please don't buy into the fads you are worth so much more than that I promise :)

I would love to help a couple of you out even more with this by giving you a copy of my Feel Confident workbook.

To enter please comment below about what body confidence would mean to you.

I will pick a winner from the comments next week.

Love Vicki xxx

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