Don't over complicate it

Updated: Feb 18

You have decided to get fit and begin your fitness journey or restart it, you have all the positive feelings but you have 2 questions - Where do you start and what should you be doing ???

Now I can totally get behind this and say it can be an absolute minefield out there what with instagram, you tube, 'fitspos' , media - everyone has an opinion of what you should do and how to do it. Guides all over the place and workout series from one person to the next which don't always fall into the same pattern. Its no wonder you will be confused, so I am here to try and help !

First things first SLOW DOWN, take a step back and realise everyone is going to have opinion so you need to be picky with what you listen to. One thing I am seeing more and more is the need to over complicate everything or make it look like it needs to complicated. When in reality you want to be focusing on quantity over quality.

Work out what. What are you actually wanting to achieve ? Really think, pick it apart so you can get a true focus behind your training. Don't just follow a plan or series because you want a body like the person who has created it because you are not them. Instead you need to look at your own goals for your lifestyle.

Seek Advice. Once you have got your focus find someone QUALIFIED to ask advice about where to go next. Whether that's a personal trainer in a gym, a fitness professional via social media or a workout guide from someone who is offering something that is aligned with your goals and has a personal training qualification behind it.

Take it back to basics. If you are just starting out you don't need to be working out more than 3 times a week and no longer than an hour at a time. There is no need to kill yourself trying to more than you can achieve. There is no need to be in a gym twice a day for 2 hours at at a time, you don't need to be doing it everyday to see results. Its more about the intention behind each workout and how you challenge yourself. Make it achievable for you.

Make it fun. No one likes doing things we hate I mean how many times do you try and get out of something if you don't like it ? The same goes for fitness. I'm not saying that you have to love every moment of your workout / exercise but there has to be some element of enjoyment behind it. So try a load of different things out and work out what works for your body, your goals and yourself.

Take it slow. You don't have to try everything at once. Try and stick to something for at least 4 weeks to get your body used to it and in a routine. Nothing will happen overnight remember that which means you need to give it time not frustration.

Fitness doesn't have to complicated, it doesn't need to be all resistance bands and fancy movements and it doesn't need to be fully kitted out in the latest hot gym wear. No one size fits all and definitely no quick fixes! It's just you and your body moving to get healthier in whatever way works for you.

Love Vicki xxx

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