I won an Award ?!

Updated: Feb 18

"Award winning Personal Trainer" now there was a phrase I didn't expect to hear myself say ever but not going to lie it feels good and so does having an award for being Manchester's Best PT !

Now time to put it into a bit of context ...

On Wednesday 19th April Lovin Manchester held their first ever Social Media Awards where they were recognising content creation from Manchester based businesses and people, there was an array of categories across all genres and I was nominated in the Manchester Best PT / Fitness Personality category. Even to be nominated was amazing so to even win was a total surprise I hardly win anything so thank you to everyone who voted and the judges I really appreciate it.

Over the past year I have really tried to improve the content I put out on social media both the quality and the message behind it. I want to share helpful insights as well as show my own personality within the fitness world. I am my brand so everything I do reflects that and I don't just want to post generic fitness things or latest trends. I post content that relates to fitness, lifestyle, body confidence, my own thoughts, an insight into my goings on and hopefully some motivation as well.

I am quite happy to admit I am not your normal Personal Trainer on social media and in real life, my content isn't just client transformations, workouts and nutritional advice and you will never hear me go on about cuts/bulks, shreds and amazing quick fixes. Because I offer a lifestyle change, my mission is to help as many women as I can feel incredible in themselves and their bodies. Focusing on how to enhance our lives through fitness , better our health through nutritional choices and find ways to make it all work for you.

So the fact that this has been recognised and I've been awarded for it is just insane but also greatly rewarding to know that people want what I put out there. And that is what I won the award for - my social media content and I intend to keep going with it :)

A massive thank you:

To Lovin Manchester for organising it , all who voted and the judges.

To my fabulous group of bloggers who are always there to support me and help me grow and just get it .

To all my clients who make it easy for me to love my job and keep doing it.

And you - for reading this, for enjoying the content I create as that's the reason I do it.

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