Be Kind

Updated: Feb 18

How often do you look in the mirror and pick apart what you see ??

Do you wish you could change certain things or wish for something new altogether ??

We only have one body, it's the only one we get so maybe it's time to start treating it with respect and kindness. Don't get me wrong there are certain things in an ideal world I would love my body to have such as bigger boobs and a more curvaceous figure but my body shape isn't made for that. So unless I get surgery those things aren't going to happen and even if they did it wouldn't make me miraculously happier.

Instead of wanting all of these things you need to first look at the body you have right now, in all it's glory and appreciate it for what it is. You have to learn to love what you have before you work on how to change it because only then will it make you happier because you are already happy in it. This won't happen overnight - it didn't for me - but there are little things you can do to start the process. Such as writing down positive things about yourself, being grateful for what your body can do not what it looks like, taking away the pressure to look a certain way and instead focus on a feeling.

Looking in the mirror and smiling, seeing yourself as a strong women who can take on the world and admiring that.

If you had said to me a year ago I would have been creating content in my underwear I would have reacted differently to the other week. First off there would have been panic that I didn't look good enough, didn't fit the fitness stereotype and then I would have created a plan to get leaner in order to 'look good' in them. However when I decided that I wanted to create these I hadn't dieted, I wasn't going for a certain look instead I wanted to celebrate that I am in a positive relationship with my body. These images aren't edited or photoshopped just a little lighting change so you can see them, they are real, raw and me. And when I was getting them done I realised how happy and confident I was and that is because over the past year or so I have worked on my relationship with my body and how I treat it.

And I hope you can all get there too, and no you don't need to pose in your underwear ;)

You can be on a weight loss journey and still love your body

You can be training for a half marathon and still love your body

You can have bad body image days and still love your body

You can be at a place where you are not 100% confident in yourself but still love your body

Because loving your body isn't a physical thing, it isn't an end goal. It is reminding yourself everyday what it can do for you and treating it with kindness no matter what. It is about looking after yourself both physically and mentally so you are the healthiest you can be and working towards to best version of yourself.

This is why I created this content and why I am helping women on my 12 week transformation with a difference. Because I want you to fall back in love with your body again. So you can stop pulling it apart and start treating it with kindness and enjoy it !

Love Vicki xxx

Underwear: Pretty Little Thing Nude / Photo Credit: Elliot Smith

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