Strong for Summer

Updated: Feb 18

Summer is getting closer and soon we will be bombarded with all the shredding for summer / bikini body blast etcs. The pressure to be 'summer' ready which I'm sorry what even is that ?! I wrote a couple of blog posts on the topic of feeling confident for summer last year which I will link at the end so you can head over to give it a read. This post however is to share a challenge I am going to running from April to July (with the intention to continue) and I want you to be a part of it.

It's a 12 week transformation with a difference :

Lets get Strong for Summer, both in body and mind!

It's about bringing a focus to your training, making each session challenge you pushing you out of that comfort zone.

Taking the pressure and restriction away from your nutrition, no food is good or bad. Thinking more mindfully - moderation not deprivation.

Working on your mindset so that you are working from a positive place when it comes to change rather than a negative hate of your body.

Thinking about enhancing your current lifestyle, working on changing your body because you love it and having fun with it.

Using aesthetics as a guide because we all do care about how we look but that not being the only focus, more an afterthought with fitness and health coming first.

For 12 weeks I will help you with all of the above so you get ready for summer in a different but healthier way that you can continue throughout the year and beyond. No stress, no restriction and no pressure instead it is about enhancing what you have, working on creating the best version of yourself. The point of the challenge isn't about an epic physical transformation or a quick fix instead I want to help you change your outlook on it all. Looking at how you feel and the positive aspects around looking after yourself, making the changes to your whole lifestyle.

So what do you get ??

Weekly 1-2-1 sessions

A programme to follow alongside

Feel Confident Workbook for you to work through

Unlimited Support via message

A facebook group for even more content

Nutritional support and advice

Prizes to be won

1 week FREE*

Sound like something you would be interested in ???

Intake is now open for the 12 week challenge to start on 3rd April . There are limited places so don't delay. I am offering this to female members of The Gym Altrincham and ladies of the Trafford / Chorlton area mainly however there may also be the option for an online training version if the interest is there.

*12 weeks for the price of 11 weeks split over 3 x 4 weekly payments

If you would like to be apart of this please drop me an email to discuss further , find out more information or sign up

Can't wait to get started !!! Let's get Strong for Summer

My blog post on Being Swimsuit Ready and the other on Feeling Fabulous

Love Vicki xxx

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