KettleBell series Full Body

Updated: Feb 18

Hello :)

It's time for workout number 3 in this Kettlebell series and it is full body one.

So grab a moderate weight and heavier one that will challenge you, I am using a 10 and 16kg but you choose what works for you. Like the other workouts I am taking you through each set and exercises with technique explanations so you can then do the workout in your own time.

Because these workouts can be done at home or the gym I filmed this one in a gym environment so there is a slight change of scenery. Please comment below with any questions, tag me if you do this or any of the others as I would love to get your feedback.

Please remember to warm up and cool down effectively.

Enjoy !

Vicki xxx

The Workout:

Squat, Clean and Press x 12

Curtsey Lunges x 12

Russian Twists x 20

3 rounds 60 secs rest

Lateral Lunges x 12

Military Press x 12

Reverse Crunches x 12

3 rounds 60 secs rest

Single Leg Deadlift x 10 each side

Alternate Single Arm Swings x 15

3 rounds 60 secs rest

Floor Press x 12

Skullcrushers x 10

Deadbugs x 20

3 rounds 60 secs rest

**** Upper Body KB workout here

Lower Body KB workout here ****

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