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Updated: Feb 18

I am a massive foodie and love all things food, I am that person that plans a day out around what I can eat. However in the industry I am food can be seen as more of a functional thing or something to restrict. Counting calories, macros, syns etc it all seems to be a numbers game which I understand has it purpose for certain goals. But sometimes this can take over and we forget about the fun that can be had with food and cooking it. Food has always played a massive part in social gatherings and events but there are some people (myself included once) that forget it is ok to have time off, to relax around what you eat and just focus on flavours and the experience.

This is why when I was invited to try out Food Sorcery Cooking Together evening I jumped at the chance. The theme was Caribbean which at first I was worried wouldn't work for my intolerance but actually it was great.

The premise of the evening is that you come with a partner ready to cook up a 3 course meal and eat what you make (the best bit) under the watchful eye of Chef Jason and the team. On arrival we were all greeted with a drink and a canape before an introduction of what lay ahead. I loved how friendly and inviting the atmosphere was and couldn't wait to get started.

The chef Jason was great, keeping the humour there whilst demoing the meals we were going to make. Rather than just giving us a recipe and leaving it at that he shared prep and cooking tips as well as offering suggestions for alternatives. For me he made a conscious effort to make sure I knew what I could and couldn't eat.

Having never had Carribbean before this was going to push me out of my comfort zone but that is what added to the fun. The sense of the unknown, wondering what you were going to sample. The dishes themselves were pretty simple to make but the flavours were incredible. We had cheesy yam bakes to start, Red Bream in a Rundown Sauce with Okra & Rice n Peas for main and a mango cream dessert. Loads of food, loads of taste and loads of fun.

Yes there was a fair bit of butter and coconut cream in the dishes and of course there were 3 dishes to eat. But the night was more than how many calories in each dish. It was about experiencing a new cuisine, learning new skills and getting to enjoy new tastes for your palette. And that is what I love about food - you can truly immerse yourself in the experience and broaden your culinary horizons by letting yourself relax. Remembering that life is about balance and living for memories :) If you are looking to try something new and bring the fun back to food I would recommend checking these guys out as I loved it all !

Love Vicki xxx

Food Sorcery - Cooking & Barista School

** I was kindly gifted this experience by Food Sorcery however all thoughts are my own **

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