KettleBell Series Upper Body

Updated: Feb 18

Hello :) it is time for another workout post and this time we are focusing on the upper body using one heavy and one lighter kettlebell (dumbbells would also work if you didn't have access to a kettlebell)

As with the other workout in this series I show you each set with comments of form and technique. You can then do the workout in your own time either at home or in the gym. If you need warm up inspiration use the one from my Upper Body Home Workout, you can also use the cool down stretches from this as well.

The Workout

Circuit 1

4 rounds (60 secs rest)

1A/ Clean and Press x 10

1B/ Bent Over Row x 10

1C/ Floor Press x 10

Repeat other side

Superset 1

3 rounds (45 secs rest)

2A/ Pullover x 15

2B/ Press Up x 15

Superset 2

3 rounds (45 secs rest)

3A/ Miltary Press x 10

3B/ Upright Row x 10

x 3 (45 secs rest)

AMRAP 5 minutes

4A/ Chest to Floor Burpees x 10

4B/ Rear Delt Fly Single Arm x 5 each side

4C/ Front Raises x 10

Let me know if you give it a go :) #vickimptworkout #fitinfebruary

Love Vicki xxx

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