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Updated: Feb 18

I workout to ultimately feel good, I want to feel fit and healthy, I want to feel confident and most of all I want to feel amazing.

My clients train with me to feel their best, to become stronger, fitter, healthier and most importantly feel confident in themselves.

Weight loss, Fat loss, preparing for a holiday/wedding/occasion , building muscle to look defined are all goals I see and hear on a daily basis from women. None of these are bad goals, wanting to look good is human and absolutely ok HOWEVER the driver behind all of this is the feeling you should get through fitness.

Fitness should enhance your life not restrict it, as a PT I help my clients with their lifestyle. I work with my ladies to feel confident and fit, to help them see fitness as something fun to do because it is making them healthier in the long run not because they need to lose X amount of kg before a certain date. Any aesthetic goal will come from looking after yourself a bit more with nourishing foods, mindful eating, moving more in a certain way and less stress.

Scales and numbers do not define you and I tend not to use these with clients, instead focus on how clothes fit, on how you feel day to day and when you look in the mirror who is the gorgeous woman staring back at you. Start working on your mindset to change the perception of fitness and food. Focus on all the positives and write them down, look at the way fitness makes you feel after you have done it and how good you feel when you workout. How much more energy you have after feeding your body nutritious foods but also how you can go out to a social occasion and not be met by guilt or shame.

Embrace any decision you make and enjoy all the memories that come with it. Start to treat yourself like you would your best friend both physically and mentally and fall back in love with you !

Everything you do when it comes to eating well, exercising and looking after yourself should be part of a balanced lifestyle. You want to be making everything fit together into this thing you call life. Yes there will be challenges and things you don't like because whats life without that. But the rewards and positives will be so much more and all worth it.

Remember at the end of the day you want to feel fabulous and the best version of you so lets start focusing on that before all the other stuff comes into play :)

If you want to hear more on this subject I have recently recorded a Part 2 interview with Kat Horrocks on her Podcast Put Yourself First which you can find on soundcloud and Itunes. Would love to know what you think of it!

Is this something you factor in when making fitness and food choices ?

Love Vicki xxx

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