KettleBell Workout Series Part one

Updated: Feb 18

Hello lovelies it's time for a new workout series and this month it is all going to revolve around the Kettlebell. This is a piece of equipment that is really versatile but can also be confusing. So I want to give you some ideas of exercises using it as well as correct technique and form.

Due to the fact alot of people will use Kettlebells at a gym and not in their home this series will be a little different from my At Home With Vicki. Instead of a to time workout I will be taking you through each exercise showing you how to do the technique properly, performing each set / circuit once for you. This means it's about 10 minutes that you can watch, learn from and then copy down the workout below to do in your own time. Obviously refer back to the video as much as you need throughout :)

I hope this will give you some extra options and help you when planning your workouts - I will be covering a lower body , upper body and full body workout. Each one will be a mixture of kettlebell work (obviously) and body weight and will probably take you about 30-40 minutes. Don't forget to warm yourself up and cool yourself down at the end.

On to the first workout of the series - Lower Body !

Grab yourself a lighter and a heavier kettlebell - if you can get 2 of the same heavier weight that's great if not stick with just the one (I will show options for both)

1A/ Goblet Squat and Pulse x 12

1B/ Romanian Deadlift x 15

1C/ Jump Squats x 20

x3 (60 secs rest)

2A/ Sumo Squats x 20

2B/ Curtsey Lunges x 20

x3 (60 secs rest)

3A/ Reverse Lunges x 20

3B/ Single leg Glute Bridge x 10 each leg

3C/ Glute Bridges x 20

x3 (60 secs rest)

4A/ Swings 12 / 10 / 8 / 5

4B/ Sumo Pulses 24 / 20 / 16 / 10

minimal rest

Let me know how you get on :) #fitinfebruary #vickimptworkout

Love Vicki xxx

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