Afternoon Tea at The Vicarage

Updated: Feb 18

There is nothing more British than an afternoon tea and I just love that, made even better when the place is so beautiful. On Tuesday 30th Jan I joined a few We Bloggers for a gorgeous afternoon tea at The Vicarage, Cheshire. the perfect way to beat the January Blues (because how bloody long did it seem to drag on !)

The place itself is a cute little pub and hotel in Holmes Chapel, an eclectic mix of furnishings and rooms giving it a real homely feel. We were shown a couple of the suites that they offer which are stunning. The bathroom of one was legit bigger than my living room - serious room envy was going on.

For the afternoon tea we were seated in the conservatory offering us lots of light, the all important thing when you are hosting bloggers. I loved the little touches and quaint china that was in the room which you can see in the photos below. Now onto the main and most important part - the food!! All of mine was gluten free due to my wheat intolerance so I was a little apprehensive because it isn't always amazing. However I was impressed with the selection I had and even better I got my own plate so no sharing from me :)

I liked how alongside the normal sandwiches there were the open ones, a salmon and cucumber and a roasted red pepper pesto which gave a little edge to the afternoon tea showing that it wasn't average. We were told that the food served at the restaurant was more than just pub food, they wanted it to be an experience yet not fine dining so a nice in between. And I agree because along side the standard scones with jam and cream I had a mint meringue with Chantilly cream, a fruitcake topped with some other cream and the best mint chocolate brownie thing. I'm not the best foodie I know ha but the food was delicious and I was very impressed with the gluten free option, it didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. And I'm also a massive sweet tooth so the fact it had more sweet than savoury was a winner for me !

Like with any We Blog event it was great to meet new people and catch up with old, we chatted about all things blogger related and the power of the micro influencer which was really cool. It's great to be able to share thoughts and ideas with like minded people, we also talked about body confidence, breast feeding and bums but that's a different story ;)

It was a lovely afternoon and I felt very content afterwards both from the food and the conversation. If you are looking for a new afternoon tea to try I would highly recommend this one, it's the kind of place you could make a weekend of it. Come for afternoon tea, book a room to stay over in , have a few drinks in the bar and chill time and then have brunch the next day.

Thank you WeBlogNorth and Cath (Perception PR) for organising the tea it was a lovely day out. I have shared more pictures below

Love Vicki xxx

The gorgeous conservatory where we ate

Quirky areas

and cute china

One of the suites

This Bathroom !!!

This was a blogger event in which the afternoon tea was provided for us but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post is not paid for.

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