Secret Table - A Private Dining Experience

Updated: Feb 18

What better way to spend a Sunday evening than in the company of good friends eating a gorgeous 5 course dinner in candle light ... sounds like heaven right ? Well a couple of weeks ago I did does that and it was perfect, Holly invited myself and 5 other ladies; Pam, Kat, Katie, Georgie and Fiona (aka the secret seven) to a dinner party with a difference. The difference being Georgio the private chef sent by the company La Belle Assiette who cooked us a Venetian feast that left us all very content indeed. Now considering he had a few dietary requirements to meet I think the menu we ended up with was perfect and I wish I could have it all again.

It was really nice to finally catch up with these ladies all together as it's been ages so while Georgio prepared the starters we all started to catch up, take photos and talk exciting plans.

Course one: Baked Crespelle filled with ricotta ans artichokes served with roasted garlic besciamel. Stewed cuttlefish served on soft polenta bramata. Sardine in Saor, macerated sardines in sweet and sour onions with pine kernels and raisins

I love tapas style eating so this was right up my street and the sardine was amazing. I would normally say that it is one of my least favourite fish as I've always known it to be bony and oily but this was far from it. The cuttlefish had an almost meaty texture but paired with the polenta worked well together. I could have polished off another plate easily but we had 4 more to go.

Course two: Risotto Vialone Nano served with garlic, chilli, fresh crab and clams

I'm not normally a risotto fan as I find them really heavy but this one was surprising light in texture and the portion was the perfect size. I love crab and clams so this was a winner of a dish for me. Now after this it wouldn't have been a surprise if we were to have a dessert and be done ( as some of us were thinking hey Pam ;) ) but no instead we were given a palatte cleanser.

Lemon Sorbet with Prosecco

Course four: Baccala' alla Vicentina, salted cod braised in milk and spices served with stewed runner beans in a cinnaomon and clove tomato sauce

Cinnamon with fish and beans I hear you ask? Well I don't know how he did it or how it worked but this was hands down my favourite dish of the evening. The flavours were incredible and something I would love to recreate myself as a different way to flavour veg as sometimes it can become a bit samey.

Course 5: Zabaione mousse served with almond crunch

aka heaven and I need one of my friends to learn how to make this asap as it was divine


It was a lovely night and something I wold recommend any one to do if you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to do something a little bit different with friends. Thank you La Belle Assiette and Georgio for an incredible feast, Holly for inviting me and the girls for being amazing company as always

Love Vicki xxx

P.C. Fiona

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