At Home With Vicki - Full Body

Updated: Feb 18

Welcome to the 4th and final instalment of At Home with Vicki and we are ending with a full body workout. Just 30 minutes 2 circuits and a chair :)

I hope you have found this workout series useful and have got some ideas from what I have shared. You now have a workout library of 4 to complete on your own, you can mix and match from each one if you would like or just follow as they are. Minimal equipment just using your own bodyweight and what you have it your home to create epic 30 minute workouts. Proof that you don't always need to be in a gym to get your heart rate up and muscles working, you just have to move.

Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts, which one is your favourite and other things workout wise you wish to see from me. As this is all for you ladies :)

Enjoy !

The workout

Warm Up

Circuit one

Step up into reverse lunge x 10 each side

Press up into side plank x 10

Pistol Squats x 10 each side

Tricep Dips x 10

Burpees x 10

30 secs rest

5 rounds

Circuit two

Chair Squats x 20

Plank Twists x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

No rest

3 rounds

Cool Down Stretch

Pre and Post Natal Ladies all is good for you, just go for the modified variations and avoid the jumps. Please make sure you have been cleared for exercise from a gp/midwife before continuing.

Upper Body

Lower Body

Cardio and Core

Let me know how you get on #athomewithvicki

Love Vicki xxx

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