Looking after number one

Updated: Feb 18

How many times a week do you think about yourself and how you feel??

Do you have moments to yourself?

Are decisions made for your benefit or others?

In case you needed a little reminder - You are number one and looking after yourself should be pretty high up on the priority list. I know that it isn't always easy and I'm not here to preach to you that you only need to put your mind to it for it to work. I'm not going to tell you to drop everything to do what you love because life isn't always that easy or we aren't in a position to do so.

However looking after yourself and making plans that benefit you shouldn't be forgotten about or put to the moment of your to do list. No matter where you are in life your happiness is paramount for everything else to work. Even when you are having a hard day at work or a bad body image day or just one of those days where you feel meh TRY to find a moment to focus on you. That time where you can breathe, find a positive in the situation and bring that happiness back.

Give yourself a pamper evening at least once a week where you give your body and mind some TLC and time off going 100%. Whatever that may be, for me its a face mask, fake tan and reading a book with a nice candle on.

That outfit you have been saving for a special occasion ?? Just wear it ! You bought it you feel and look fabulous in it so why do you need to wait for something special to wear it. Everyday is a day to wear clothes that make you feel like a goddess in it so own it.

Be sure to treat yourself, whether its a meal out or a new outfit or a trip away there is more to life than waiting for the right moment. I know there are tings you will need to spend your money on and save for but don't forget about yourself in the process.

Make time to meet up with friends, ring a loved one and see your family. Just speaking to our support network can boost our happiness tenfold and it might just help you realise a couple of things. I always feel like I can take on the world after a chat with any one I love because they just get you, even if they don't know it.

What makes you truly happy ?? Have a think about that and then write down how you can make that happen.

At the end of the day life is for living so make sure that amongst the everyday you are doing just that. And make sure that at the top of your to do list is YOURSELF !

Love Vicki xxx

Picture taken on the new Google PIxel 2

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