At Home with Vicki - Cardio

Updated: Feb 18

Hello lovelies

Welcome back to number 3 of At Home with Vicki. I hope you are all enjoying it so far !!

Todays is all about the cardio so its a little bit shorter than the others. A mat and a timer is all you need for this one.

The workout is a Tabata style workout which means you do 20 secs of activity 10 secs rest

Warm up

Circuit one:


Jump Lunges


Circuit 2:

Reverse Burpees

Bolt Push Ups


Circuit 3:

Sumo Cross Jumps

Plank Leg Crossovers



Leg Raises x12

Deadbug x 12

Crunches x 20


Cool Down Stretch

Let me know if you give it a go by commenting below or tagging me over social media @vickimellard_pt #athomewithvicki

Lower Body

Upper Body

Full Body

Love Vicki xxx

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