Angel Chocolate anyone ??

Updated: Feb 18

Dairy free chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate ??? I mean is there anything better when you can't have milk ... I say no. Since going on my low FODMAP diet I worked out that cows milk and myself don't really go well together so I tend not to have a lot of products with it in aka chocolate.

So when I was asked if I wanted some samples to try of Raw Halo I obviously said yes and because I love you all I went through the ordeal of trying them for you ;)

Now for a bit of background on the company, Raw Halo was founded by Meg Hagger in 2015 inspired by her search for a decent, raw chocolate product. The bars have no hidden extras or additives and 100% natural with organic products getting used. The difference between these and other chocolate bars is 'the cacao beans aren’t roasted; instead, through careful temperature control and minimal processing, the raw chocolate is minimally processed to retain the nutrients of the original cacao beans. Keeping the chocolate raw ensures the cacao retains its high levels of antioxidants, magnesium and iron, maximising its nutritional benefits.'

They are a healthier alternative to a regular chocolate bar but like everything they have to taste good too because you know I am all about balance and not just eating something for the sake of it being a 'healthfood'. Well I can tell you as the chocolate connoisseur I am ;) that the 4 flavours I got I loved and it also helps their pastel packaging and gold foil make for very aesthetic photo opportunities.

Onto the taste test

Pure Mylk Raw cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao powder*, cashew nuts*, lucuma powder*, inulin powder*. *Certified organic ingredients. Cocoa solids 57% minimum.

I am a dark chocolate girl and will always pick that over milk chocolate for pure preference, and I was also a bit sceptical if this would be like a normal milk chocolate bar. Well it isn't because its not a normal one it is made with different ingredients but wow is it creamy. Almost melt in the mouth and has a sweet taste to it.

Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt Raw cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao powder*, cashew nuts*, lucuma powder*, inulin powder*, pink Himalayan salt (0.6%). *Certified organic ingredients. Cocoa solids 57% minimum.

Salt and Chocolate is my favourite combination ! I love the sweet and savoury mix and I think the salt really intensifies the chocolate flavour so I was looking forward to trying this one. This one won hands down for me but I think I was slightly biased, the base was like the one above with little fleks of pink salt throughout.

Pure Dark Raw cacao butter*, raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*. *Certified organic ingredients. Cocoa solids 76% minimum.

As you should expect from a raw dark chocolate , minimal ingredient list. With that in mind this was the most bitter of the 4 and the rawest tasting. I personally don't mind this tasty however if you are a milk chocolate lover I wouldn't make this your first choice as a raw chocolate because the difference will be too much. This one is perfect with a cup of coffee or a couple of squares on oats.

Dark & Mint Raw cacao butter*, raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*, mint essential oil* (0.2%). *Certified organic ingredients. Cocoa solids 76% minimum.

Think after eight but it can be enjoyed anytime :) The bitterness of the dark chocolate is complimented by the hint of mint flavours throughout. My least favourite of the bunch but mint chocolate has never really been a combo I've picked.


What I like about these bars is that at 35g each you can eat the whole lot but it feels like you are indulging more than you actually are. For anyone interested in macros they are around 200 cals each / 15g fat / 12g Carbs / 4g Protein (this is a rounded average each bar differs). They are Vegan and Gluten Free so really good for a range of dietaries.

A perfect handbag treat, after dinner dessert or a topping for your breakfast :) A way to eat chocolate in a slightly healthier way but it still taste like chocolate !

Love Vicki xxx

Raw Halo is available at the Raw Halo website, Booths, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Harrods, Not on the High Street and As Nature Intended, as well as delis, health food stores and cafés nationwide.

I was sent the samples in exchange for a review but this post isn't paid for and all the opinions are my own. I would never write about or endorse something I didn't enjoy myself or believe in.

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