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Updated: Feb 18

Its a new year so the perfect time to try something new, and I'm not talking about a new fad diet or some extreme exercise regime. I'm talking about a fun filled activity which works your whole body but doesn't feel like a workout. Let me introduce you to Treetop Nets - a course of trampolines in the trees that you can bounce around to your hearts content. There are slides and walkways as well as an upright tunnel for you to explore adding more things to play around with. And it doesn't have to be just for bouncing oh no I have designed a workout for you to do on them as well.

Treetop Nets is a UK first and has 3 courses at Lake Windermere, The Lake District; Ripon, Yorkshire and Heaton Park, Manchester. The one I tried out before Christmas was the Heaton Park one. The nets are aimed at all the family from 3yrs up and because they are surrounded by 3ft walls of netting there is no need for a harness. I was invited along to them to give them a try and review for you guys as well as give my Personal Trainer opinion on how they can be deemed a different kind of exercise but still provide a benefit to you.

It is definitely a full body cardio workout if you put the intensity in there, myself and Danielle definitely got a sweat on ha. Your core is always engaged to keep you upright and stop the falling, as the ground beneath you suddenly becomes very wobbly. Jumping is a given when on these nets even if you aren't intending on it because that is the only way to move meaning those legs get a decent workout. Then add in some walking lunges, high knees and sprints it becomes a lot harder but even more fun. And to top it off lets just get the arms working because hey why not - there is an upright tunnel that you have to pull yourself up in order to get to top and slide yourself back down.

I had my Fitbit on during our time on the nets and made a note of my calories burned just out of interest in comparison to other workouts I do - now please bear in mind these are my stats and based on my HR , body composition, fitness levels etc so use as a guideline not a comparison. Calories burned are not the reason you exercise but they do provide a good background to have as long as it doesn't become obsessive. Over the 45 mins to an hour we were on the nets I burned around 250 calories which included the workout I will give below, standard bouncing and resting. If you were to do longer this may go up as well it depends on your intensity. With this in mind if you compare this to a 5k run I probably burn around 300 for the 30 minutes because my HR is a lot higher throughout meaning the body works harder. However a full body workout with bodyweight and kettlebells tends to be about the same as the nets showing that it can be just as good for your calorie expenditure.

However as you all know it isn't all about what an activity tracker, in my eyes exercise is there to be enjoyed, make you feel good and work on improving your health. This is what I like about Treetops because you don't feel like you are working out but you are doing all of the above. As well it is a social activity that you can do with friends and family making it a lot easier to stay motivated to go. You can pair a catch up with a couple of hours bouncing, you can make a family day out into a fun active one that will benefit everyone. It's also a great way to get outdoors and soak up some vitamin D (when we have sunshine) . They are open in all weathers so if you are brave enough to go come rain,wind or snow they will be there for you :) When I went it wasn't the driest of days but once we were up in the trees and bouncing around it didn't really matter.


The workout I created is a circuit and uses all the sections of the nets apart from the children's section. The way it works is that you work your way along the walkways into each section and perform an exercise before moving onto the next one. You want to complete each round as fast as you can - it can even be a challenge within the group. Please make sure you warm up first by just exploring the nets as well as some body weight squats, lunges and toe taps.

There are 3 rounds and on each round you need to change the way you work your way along the walkways.

Round 1 - run Round 2 - lunge Round 3 - high knees.

Section 1: 10 tuck jumps then crawl though to

Section 2: 10 Broad Jumps

Section 3: Climb up the net tower tap the top and climb down

Section 4: Sprint from one side then Side Gallop Back x 2

Run/Lunge/High Knees to the beginning

Quick Rest and Repeat.

Making it more than just a bounce on a trampoline.


If you are looking for something a little bit different this new year that is a bit of challenge, gets you active and is fun I would highly recommend giving Treetops a go ! For more information visit their website here.

Love Vicki xxx

*** This post is paid for by TreeTopNets for a collaboration with them however all opinions and thoughts are my own. I have not been told to write anything specific and I wouldn't endorse anything I don't believe in / use my self / enjoy. Thank you***

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