Be yourself ... everyone else is taken

Updated: Feb 18

But seriously, be yourself because you are unique, you follow your own path and you create your own story. Life would be boring if we were all the same, all 'perfect' instead it is exciting, different and always changing just like you. Within the past month I have had the opportunity to be interviewed TWICE for 2 different you tube channels which has been amazing.

1 because I'm not the best on camera so it was good to challenge myself,

2 because the 2 girls who interviewed me are amazing and

3 because they think I'm inspiring.

Inspiring isn't a word I would tend to use when describing myself but since doing these interviews I think I might start. Now before you sign off thinking I'm being big headed just hear me out. I don't think I'm inspiring in the oh look at me sense, instead I believe it because I can finally be myself and through that I hope others can do the same. It isn't always easy to be yourself as it can be vulnerable, raw and upsetting but it is also liberating, stress free and 100% REAL. I also want to be inspiring - I want women to be inspired to be themselves, to look after themselves, to see how beautiful they are and to have confidence to be everything they were meant to be and more!

The first video interview I did was with Kat Horrocks , who is an absolute girlboss - blogger, you tuber, life coach & make up artist. She is all about self care, body positivity and personal growth which is why we get on so well and the reason I said yes to being a part of her new series. The interview is all about my journey from body dysmorphia to body confidence and what happened along the way as well as some tips, tricks and advice to help you :)

View it here

The second was with the lovely Danielle King founder of a new active wear range Kiht Collective . When Danielle messaged me over Instagram describing her new business venture I definitely wanted to be apart of it because Kiht Collective isn't just an active wear brand it is a place for women to be inspired, feel connected and have a platform for their voice. She wanted me to share my story because she felt it is one that needs to heard (I will let you all decide that ;) ) So the video is just that an interview about me and how I got to where I am now and you can view that here

Both videos are similar because it is me being interviewed but at the same time Kat and Danielle had their own interview style and message they wanted to portray which makes the final videos different. So I would love it if you could watch both, show your love and support to both girls and their channels and share if you feel someone you know may benefit.

The main takeaway I got from doing both of these and the purpose of today's post is that I can say hand on heart everything you hear or see from me is real. I am now truly myself, more than I have ever been before and I love it. Instead of hiding in the shadows and wishing I was someone else. I am here for everyone to see, hoping to inspire lots of you by being myself so that you want to be yourselves. I never wish for any of you to want to be me instead use my story and my journey to help you find your own.

'Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy'

Love Vicki xxx

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