How to be positive

Updated: Feb 18

This post is inspired by a chat I had with the amazing Kat Horrocks for a new video series on her channel, yes I am going to be on a you tube video ! I don't want to give too much away as you will be able to see it all over on her channel but there was a question she asked me that made me think and et voila this post was created. She asked - How do I move the positive energy I have within my blog, health and fitness world and with me clients into my everyday life ? And I think this is something that everyone can relate to and I'm going to expand on it in a few ways so if you are wanting to be a bit more positive in all things life then carry on reading.

Honest answer is that I don't always I have my moments like everyone else where I panic or stress about having too much on and it can get a bit emotional, only the other week I had a little cry but sometimes that is needed so you can fix it and move onwards and upwards. However 90% of the time my positivity comes from the reason why I am doing it all in the first place and that is YOU LADIES. No one has made me write a blog, keep up a social media profile, personal train alongside my full time job, have an online training business, that has all been my choice. And the reason I do all of this is because I love what I do and I want to help as many women as possible to feel empowered in their training, lifestyle and body. So at the end of the day if one person can say I have helped them in some way then it is all worth it.

My message for you to take home from this is find your why - why do you do what you do? And how can does this make you feel? If the feelings and emotions are all positive then remember them and that is how you be positive in your day to day life. And if they are negative then its time to work on that and see what you have the power to change to bring that positivity back in.

Appreciate the little things and smile, it is amazing how much something as small as a smile and a kind gesture can make a day that much better. In this crazy fast paced world it is easy to get caught up in the rush and forget where we are and what we are doing, so when something good happens don't let it pass by hold onto that feeling and let it power your day. Even on those crappy I want to stay in bed kind of days do one thing that makes you feel good and put a smile on that gorgeous face and I promise it will help.

Alongside making your everyday life a positive one lets dig a little deeper and make a start (or continue) to bring our body into the equation. The body positive movement is amazing and if I could get every woman out there to be a part of it then my life would be made, sadly it isn't as easy as that. But just like above when I have spoken about finding your why and appreciating the little things you want to apply these to yourself as well. Why do you want to have a positive relationship with your body ? It will make you happier, you will stress less about your appearance, you will have more confidence, you will be able to understand it and accept it, you will be in a healthy mindset to make changes - all of these should be valid reasons why we all want this. The why needs to be an emotional attachment not an aesthetic one as that isn't strong enough.

Then everyday appreciate your body in some way however little, treat her like you would your best friend because she is the only body you have and has been though so much with you over your lifetime to this moment. If you get a compliment accept it, remember it and apply it don't be scared of it or throw it away.


Find your why

Find your love for life and your body

Appreciate the little things

Accept and Embrace what you have and work on that for your happiness

Remember only you have the power to change your situation so take charge and go get it !

Life is too short to take seriously :)

Love Vicki xxx

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