Time for an upgrade

Updated: Feb 19

I'm sure you will have noticed but the blog has been given an upgrade. Over the past year my style of writing and content I am producing over all channels has shifted in a direction I am really happy about. When I started my blog had a clear structure of fitness, food, my own journey and reviews. Slowly this structure has become a bit blurred, I have started to steer away from the foodie recipe side and need to give workouts every week and began to focus more on lifestyle as a whole. As I have grown and my mindset changed my topics of conversations have as well. So it only seemed right to move the blog along as well.

I have split the blog into 5 sections so it is easy to manoeuvre, the first 3 reflecting my ethos as a brand and person:


Balance the IT word of the year, used by everyone and anyone when it comes to the fitness and health industry and not always in a positive way. For me this section is where you will find a wider range of posts and a fair few personal posts, this is a lifestyle section. Where health, fitness, food, social moments and life events all come together to create the balance that is your life! A place to find help and tips to help find your own balance in life and work out how to create healthier habits both physical and mental so you can carve your own path. A place for my rambles on how I find my balance everyday and my journey to this moment.


To be confident is to have a feeling or showing confidence in yourself or your abilities and qualities. Confidence is the belief that you can rely on something or someone. Many people can be confident in others or themselves as a person but for women it can be difficult to put our own bodies in that confidence. You can be a confident person but not feel confident in your body. This is where the body positivity movement is coming into its own and this is what I am wanting to cover under this section. I want to help you adopt a more forgiving and affirming relationship with your body. A place to fall back in love with your body and yourself, with little things I have learnt along the way.


I wouldn't be a personal trainer or fitness blogger if I didn't dedicate a section to training. But this isn't a strict plan to follow, it isn't a 12 week programme, it isn't going to be personalised to you - I have other options for that. Instead this section is a place where you can go to find guidance in your training, you can get inspired for workouts, find out the proper technique for exercises as well as get advice in areas you may not have all the knowledge for. I believe all women have the capability to be strong in whatever they put their mind to and I would to help as many of you as possible. Because of my background and training style the type of workouts and guidance you will find will be a combination of weight work, HIIT style workouts and body weight. And for you lovely new mummies or mums to be I've got you :)


This is a place I will be talking about events I have attended, trips taken, any products or places to review and any other topics I want to discuss and maybe debate. You may find some recipes here as well as more miscellaneous posts because I feel they are relevant to myself, my ethos and want to share with you but don't quite fit in the 3 above sections.


I have been writing for over 2 years so its safe to say there are a fair few posts and (unless they were awful) I don't want to delete them. They were a part of me when I wrote them and meant something then so who knows in a few years I might go back and revisit to edit but for now you will find them in here :)


This blog is where I want women to go to feel empowered to train and feel incredible about themselves. I want you to use it as resource, get the tools you need to continue / change your journey. Use the training guides and tips to assist you in your workouts, find help and guidance from my body positivity posts, take a trip into the daily musings of me to help find your own balance, take inspiration from any of my posts that relate to your lifestyle. AND above all take it all on board, question it,do your own research and find your own path because if anyone is capable of that it is YOU, you gorgeous human <3

Love Vicki xxxx

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