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Updated: Feb 18

I talk a lot about my physical journey or at least that is what people are more aware of. However it is my mindset that has had the biggest transformation. 7 years ago I was an insecure, obsessive, negative thinking girl with a serious low self esteem and confidence. I would put myself down constantly feeling like I wasn't worth it. All hidden away behind a smile. As the years went on the mindset never really went away just other things seemed to take president. Even as I gained the weight and seemed healthier I had sever body dysmorphia which resulted in yoyo dieting and training styles.

No matter what anyone said I would always compare, let the negative thoughts take over and pick out flaws. Until about a year ago. I can't pin point exactly when the moment was or what changed and I really wish I could give you a magic formula to apply to yourselves but I'm sorry I don't have one. What I can say is that the moment you decide to change will be the driving force of that shift in mindset. I think I got to a point where I was more aware of what I was doing/thinking of my self and realised it wasn't healthy. I decided to stop tracking food, deleted my fitness pal and began to stop being so controlling. I have an obsessive personality I like structure and rules so it was hard for me to do this but I can recognise this which makes it easier to manage. Numbers are my downfall so I don't allow myself to be ruled by them, instead I shifted my focus to see things as they are such as food, social situations and myself.

This post from my Instagram post holiday said it all really

Self help books such as Be a Goddess by Mel Wells, following Body Positive and Self Love accounts on social media helped. As well as surrounding myself with positive supportive people who I know will always have my best interests at heart. 3 things that I would recommend to any of you who feel you need help in having a more positive mindset and relationship with yourself. Once I began looking at my body for what it was and treating myself like I would a best friend I became I lot more in tune with myself. I have accepted my body for what it is and I love it because of that. I no longer need affirmation from a scale weight / body fat reading / dress size or someone else opinion. I work on myself for myself and even though my goals will always change my mindset is staying the same! Off days will happen, no one is perfect but the main thing is that as you progress you acknowledge these and carry on.

I have just finished the SELFLOVEWEEK challenge set up by Mel Wells where women from all over the world took part and it really drove all of the above home. Each day brought a new challenge for us to take part in, a video to watch and tips to absorb all focusing on making us more aware of our bodies and how to treat them with the respect they deserve.

The 5 challenges were:

1 think I love about myself ...

I am proud of ...

Treat yourself

I love my body because ...

Your Big Dream

Any other year I don't think I would have been able to do this as I have done this year (all can be found on my Instagram).

It was amazing to be a part of there was over 4000 women involved and to see them embrace the challenges and see themselves in a new light was incredible. However it was also really sad to know that so many of women (and men) are struggling with body image/confidence and self love, falling for fad diets and empty promises, looking in the mirror and hating what they see looking back.

One of my dreams I spoke about was to be able to help as many women as I can whether its through 1-2-1 PT sessions / online training / on here / via social media to feel incredible and believe in themselves. I truly think mindset is a powerful thing and before any of us can change anything physical, for it to work we need to be in a positive plaice mentally. It isn't easy and it takes time but I promise it will all be worth it.

If you would be interested in me posting more about this side of things please let me know.

As always remember you are fabulous !

Love Vicki xxx

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