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Updated: Feb 18

It's not every day you get to dress up like a princess, go to a red carpet event, have a 3 course dinner with drinks and celebrate the night away surrounded by inspirational people ... not to mention the goody bag at the end! On Sat 16th Sep I did exactly that as I went to the Northern Blog Awards 2017 and it was incredible!!! I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for one of the awards Best Fitness Lifestyle Blog for this very blog which was insane but that was only a bonus. Now before I all give you all major FOMO as I relive the night, because in all honesty I want to do it all again, I want to take the time for a big thank you.

To the creator, organiser, superwoman, mumboss and woman I am proud to call my friend Holly (_hollygoeslightly). This event was the first of its kind to celebrate the amazing talent we have in the North and give us all a glitzy event that only seems to happen in London. Having been a part of it with her since it started I can honestly tell you how much hard work went it to creating it. And it was an effortless event and I am still so proud of all she achieved. I am sure you saw it all on social media anyway, THANK YOU Holly you are a superstar!!

The day started with getting a bit of a pamper, first my make up was done by Kat (kat_horrocks) a MUA by trade and vlogger who was also up for an award, then by hair by Victoria (vichasbighair). The Secret Seven - Me, Holly, Kat, Katie, Pam, Georgie and Fiona all got ready together at the venue and were gifted a gorgeous robe and towel by Christy which made the experience more fun drinking our prosecco in fancy robes.

The event was held at The Principal, Manchester which served as the perfect backdrop for many a photo. This was definitely the only event were it was socially acceptable to be on your phone throughout the evening as we shared pictures, tweets and posts to get the event trending (which we did Top Manchester tweet trend thank you very much !! #NBAs17)

After the meet, greet and mingle with the shortlisters and VIPs we made our way down to ballroom itself, not before a walk on a red carpet and photo opportunities.

The Ballroom ... WOW . I had seen it getting ready but even I was expecting what I was met with! There was a chance to meet and chat with some brands such as Booths, Christy, Bathroom Takeaway, before the main event was about to begin.

Speeches were made, the dinner commenced (no pictures sorry too busy eating) in which I was able to have something made for my dietries it was then onto the awards! Even though it was an awards evening I feel like this was an extra because of all the incredible things we had already had and people I had met. However it didn't stop me being excited and nervous as the video began, for the obvious I could potentially win and also because Elliot actually made the awards video showing the shortlisters :) so proud as it went without a hitch. Sadly I didn't win but Emma (Lipstick and Trainers) was a well deserved winner and I'm happy for her and all of the winners WELL DONE!

Dancing time came next - my fave part of the night haha i definitely did a contemporary dance break in my Christy slippers - yes Christy provided slippers for when our heels got too much how good is that ?! There was also photobooths and walls galore so we had fun in those - its a social media event so obviously if there is a camera opportunity we are there!

I had the best time and felt so inspired by the talent in the room and I am excited about the future of WeBlogMcr with is now WeBlogNorth because there are so many bloggers/vloggers out there that deserve recognition and this is just the start. I can't name everyone but thank you to everyone that was a part of it, the new faces I met finally putting a person to the blog and my girls who I partied the night away with.

HAHA look at us all ;)

Also can we just take a moment - this goody bag was epic, I felt very spoilt indeed, the brands that got involved were amazing.

NBAS17 you were AMAZING ! I can't wait for NBAS18 :)

Vicki xxx

I realise this is more of a photo gallery but I feel pictures say more than words so here are a couple more of my faves from the night! Photo credits go to either myself, Kat and Pam. Professional Photos by Carl (The Vain Photography)

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