Relax on Holiday - A collaboration with Hayes&Jarvis

Updated: Feb 18

Holidays and relaxation normally come hand in hand but for some people it isn't always that easy. What with the world at our fingertips in the form of smart phones and internet it can be hard to switch off at times. The team at Hayes & Jarvis have come up with the idea of 'Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation to help people get the most out of their holiday.

I was asked to be the contributor for the Physical Pillar sharing my tips on how exercising on holiday can help you relax. Physical activity is believed to cause chemical changes in the brain, which can help to positively change our mood and improve our well being. I share some tips and advice on exercising on holiday in a way that works with you rather than hinders your holiday. It isn't about needing to exercise it is about wanting to and how it can help. To read the full article click here and also check out the other 3 pillars whilst you are there :)

Love Vicki xxx

** This was not a paid or sponsored post, instead I was asked to provide a piece for the company. I was happy to do so and all words and opinions were my own. I was asked to write a blog post to link to the piece but I would have done anyway to share my work :) Thank you x **

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